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Tonneau Cover Type:

Folding Cover
Folding Tonneau Covers

Available for all makes and models Folding Covers can be made of aluminum or vinyl with steel beams.

Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers
Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers

A soft roll-up cover is the easiest to install while offering the most convenient bed coverage.

Hard Top Cover
Hard Tonneau Covers

Secure bed coverage, smooth looks and complete durability are all offered with a hard bed cover.

Retractable Truck Bed Covers
Retractable Tonneau Covers

A retractable cover is the most high-tech of our tonno covers. Easy bed access with full on protection!

Hinged Truck Bed Covers
Hinged Truck Bed Covers

If you are looking to turn your truck bed into a fully-functional truck then you need a hinged truck bed cover. These bed covers mount fast and latch in an instant.

Tool Box Cover
Tool Box Tonneau Covers

Tool box tonno covers secure your valuables while still providing room for your truck took box, and some even include the tool box as well..

Hard Roll Up Tonneau Covers
Hard Roll Up Tonneau Covers

A strong roll-up cover that is the easy to install while offering convenient bed coverage.

Tonneau Manufactures:
Tonno Pro
Tonno Pro

Tonneau Cover Information :

Tonneau covers are a good investment for your pickup truck if you are interested protecting your valuables and especially if you are interested in increasing your gas mileage. Not to mention, it just makes your truck look better! is proud of the fact that we offer the largest selection of truck bed covers on the internet. Truck Addons offers 29 brands and 70 different styles of bed covers to choose from, so why shop anywhere else? Our truck bed covers come in hard or soft top, roll ups, tilts, tool boxes, motorized, lockable, retractable, fiberglass... Below you will find it all when it comes to finding the perfect bed cover for your pickup.

All of our truck tonno covers are custom designed for your specific pickup truck to ensure a custom fit and look. Installing a tonno cover on your truck bed is one of the best add ons you can do to your pickup truck. It has been proven the addition of a truck bed cover will create a more aerodynamic profile and improve your fuel economy to help combat rising gas prices. Valuables such as tools, gear, luggage or anything else you lock under a bed cover is less likely to "walk off" along with being sheltered from the elements outside. Who wants wet groceries? With fiberglass, metal and leatherette vinyl options, there's a great looking tonno cover that's just your style. Most of our tonno covers install in just minutes. If you have any questions at all about any of the tonneau's you read about below, stop clicking and give us a call toll free at 1-859-231-8120.

With rising gas prices, fuel efficiency is on everyone's mind. The market segment most often affected by gas prices is the light truck market, including the OEM's, aftermarket accessory manufacturers and retailers. SEMA recently conducted a study regarding the affect that bed covers have on the aerodynamics of pickup trucks. The SEMA study confirmed that bed covers do reduce drag, and as long as the tonneau does not add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle, the cover can help improve fuel economy.

More Tonneau & Truck Bed Cover information :

History of the Tonno Cover - An Important Truck Accessory!

Tonneau covers are commonly known as truck bed covers. The name tonneau came from a French word that means rear seating compartment of a vehicle. Although the truck bed is not usually a seating compartment, the term tonneau is still used.

The origin of truck bed covers is not that all that clear since this type of cover has evolved from a number of versions designed to serve different purposes. There are different styles of truck bed covers that are available in the market and these are as follows:

  • Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Covers
  • Hard Top Truck Bed Covers
  • Utility Truck Bed Covers
  • Retractable Truck Bed Covers
  • Folding Truck Bed Covers
  • Hinged Truck Bed Covers
  • ToolboxTruck Bed Covers
The Benefits of a Tonno Cover.

It is a scientific fact that bed covers help improve gas mileage. Closed air truck beds tend to lower air resistance which means less drag. As any Nascar or NHRA racer knows, lesser air resistance will allow drivers to drive faster and to save on gas. How? The air that flows over the front end of the truck, swerve into the deep recess of the truck’s bed and produces an opposite force. This slows the truck down like a parachute! When you cover the bed with a smooth tonneau cover it is like streamlining your truck and in the process saves about 10% of gas. Purchasing a truck bed cover is a great investment with countless benefits other than that including theft protection and safe, secure, water resistant storage that all truck owners should purchase for their trucks.

How to Measure Your Truck Bed

How to measure your truck bed for a tonneau cover

A common question when ordering a tonneau cover is "How do I measure my truck bed?". You'll need to measure the inside box length of your truck bed, from the inside edge of the box (behind the cab) to the inside edge of the box at the tailgate.

Note: Always make sure to provide accurate bed measurements, year, make & model when ordering a cover.

Here is a list of common bed lengths for popular trucks for reference.

Truck Bed Size Guide

Cargo Management Systems aka Track Systems

There are a number truck bed covers that work in conjunction with truck bed Cargo Management Systems, but some do not. Some tonneau installations are not effected by your trucks factory-installed cargo management system aka "Track System", while others provide specialize mounting hardware for vehicles with a CMS installed.

Cargo Management System aka Track System

Spring Care Guide:

Like in winter, spring can be hard on your tonneau cover. So it’s just as important that your bed cover is ready for the season. As always, the first step is to buy the right cover in the first place – spring is always known as the rainy season and like the heavy snow of winter, rain can play havoc on your tonno cover so if you live in a heavy rain area you might want to get a tonneau hard top cover. In a moderate and dryer climate, a tonneau soft cover should be fine. First thing to note is that, soft tonneau covers tend to shrink and expand in the heat or cold and have to be adjusted to tension in different seasons. Next is avoid standing water on your soft cover for any length of time because it can get heavy and cause your cover to stretch out or fail. Also if there is water on your cover when you open it you will most likely soak every thing that is in the bed of your pickup. The next step is to make sure you clean your tonneau regularly and appropriately – soft tonneau’s should be cleaned only with mild soaps or car wash solutions or better yet cleaners made specifically for vinyl – again, your manufacturer has likely recommended specific cleaners. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt or mold build up, fading and brittle fabric, which becomes even more important as humidity and temperatures increase. Most truck bed covers will do fine through a car wash just be sure not to have any wax sprayed on a soft tonneau. Also, stay away from using tire or interior cleaners or protectants on your cover, as many of these products are too harsh and could damage the fabric. Finally, make sure you apply truck bed and tailgate seals, such as the Lund Genesis Tailgate Seal, Access TrailSeal or the Pace Edwards Weathergate tailgate seal, to keep your truck bed weather tight.

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