Superchips Dashpaq

Superchips Dashpaq
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Superchips® Dashpaq

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Superchips Dashpaq

Superchips Dashpaq

The Superchips Dashpaq is a handheld programmer that puts the power and performance of your vehicle in the palm of your hands. The improvements that can be done range from horsepower and torque to drivability. Dashpaq combines Superchips flash tuning technology with real-time monitoring and performance management. This device has a sharp on-display to replace those old, tacky tuners. Observe all the metrics of your vehicle that can broadcast outside your traditional OEM gauge with the Superchips Dashpaq. Set your truck or SUV up how you prefer and calibrate your gauges after adding aftermarket tires, gears, cold air intakes, etc. Your gas or diesel truck or SUV has so much more potential, give it broader boundaries.


  • In-Cab Monitor And Performance Tuner
  • Up To An Additional 180HP and 440 Ft. LB TQ Max Gains In Diesel Applications
  • Up To An Additional 116HP And 104 Ft LB TQ Max Gains On Gas Applications
  • Covers Gas And Diesel Trucks And SUVs
  • Use Button Interfface To Switch Between Layouts, Select Performance Settings & More
  • Load Your Own Personal Background Images And Save As Wallpaper
  • Manage Real-Time MPGs On The Dash To Improve Efficiency
  • Schedule And Track Routine Maintenance
  • Connect Multiple Accessories For Added Functionality via EAS
  • Add A Custom Pod Or Gauge Mount To Round Out A Clean, Finished Look On The Dash
  • Installs In Just Minutes
  • Log Your Data And Export For Review In A CSV File
  • *Configure Vehicle For Specific Gains And Features