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SnowBear Personal Snow Plow: F.A.Q.

Do I Need A Four-Wheel Drive Truck?

No, many SnowBear owners with two-wheel drive vehicles are very happy with their results. The plow clears the snow away before it gets to the tires.

The more traction that your vehicle has, the more versatile the plow will be and the more snow it will be able to push. This is why four-wheel drive vehicles are usually preferred.

SnowBear owners with two-wheel drive vehicles will find that adding weight in their vehicle helps them push through more snow. Less traction means that you need to plow more often and that you should not let the snow accumulate too much, especially if it is wet and heavy.

Can I Install The Mount Myself?

The SnowBear Personal Snowplow Mounting Harness is designed to be bolted on to the frame of the vehicle. No welding or drilling is required. The installation of the mounting harness will not be difficult for a person who has a set of tools and is comfortable using them to perform mechanical repairs on vehicles and houses.

Vehicle dimensions are not always consistent, particularly if it has been involved in an accident. Where possible we have used slotted holes to allow for this, however, sometimes a bit of prying or twisting will be required. If the customer is uncomfortable, we recommend that the mount be installed by the licensed or certified mechanic who normally looks after the vehicle.

How Long Does It Take to Install The Mounting Harness?

Installation times vary among vehciles. A newer full-sized GM truck takes about 30 minutes. Other vehicles which need a more complicated mount may require two or three hours.

We normally allow two to three hours for an inexperienced installer and a typical mount

hat If I Sell My Truck Next Year?

You may still use your plow but you will need to order a new mount by calling our customer service department at1- 1-859-231-8120. If you own more than one truck, it is a good idea to order a mount for each vehicle.

Does The Plow Angle?

Yes, a spring loaded release allows you to manually angle the blade. To reduce cost and complexity there are no hydraulic control systems on the plow for remote angling.

How Does The Remote Control Work?

The remote control is used to raise and lower the plow from within the vehicle. The 12ft. control can be temporarily mounted on your side window or permanently installed under the dash.