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Edge Products

Edge is known for the power produced by their modules and programmers. Edge Products unmatched user control and unique style featured in every product sets them apart from other competitors.

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Please note: Power programmers, computer chips and other performance modules are available for exchange only. Items must be returned in like-new condition in order to be exchanged for a new product.

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Edge modules can produce mileage gains of about ten percent. It sounds too good to be true, but a properly tuned engine is also more efficient. A ten percent gain can translate into savings of hundreds of dollars per year in fuel costs, depending on how much you drive your vehicle. If you install one of the Edge products and are interested in increasing your fuel economy, please maintain your normal good driving habits, even though that may be hard to do with all the extra power.
What can an Edge module do to help improve your towing performance? A typical diesel truck, towing the average hill, will be able to go ten to twelve miles an hour faster with a Edge box installed. That means no more flashes in the slow lane. It also means no more annoying down shifts on every little hill.
Edge plug-in modules are designed to create power where you need it most. By carefully monitoring the RPM, timing, turbo boost and fueling parameters, Edge modules maximize engine efficiency through fueling and timing enhancements. Edge modules are fully adjustable and come with at least four separate power levels to choose from. Typical improvements range from 40 to 150 horsepower and 100 to 350 foots pounds of torque. Furthermore, Edge products greatly improve throttle response, so feel the power when you need it.

Edge Products was founded in 1999 by two cousins with the idea of creating electronic enhancement products for the burgeoning diesel-powered pickup market. Production began in limited capacity at first and as popularity and demand grew, so did the company. Edge has had to move to several new facilities over the last few years before moving into its current location, a 24,000 square foot facility, over twice the size of their previous facility. Edge is one of the only electronic aftermarket companies that has the ability to manufacture its products in house, which allows Edge to quickly meet customer demand and ensures an exceptionally high quality level.

The company was founded on the premise that Edge Products would build modules that out-performed competitors “chips” by using more of the OEM ECM (computer) signals and improve performance by monitoring RPM, turbo boost pressure, timing and fueling parameters. The goal was to improve the vehicle's efficiencies (horse power, torque, mileage and driveability) while providing smooth power curves that far exceed stock power bands.

Edge manufactures modules and programmers for all major truck manufacturers – including Ford, Chevy and Dodge. What sets Edge apart from its competitors is the philosophy that all products should install in less than ten minutes and the end user should have maximum adjustability enhanced with real time data to monitor vehicle performance as it is driven. Edge is committed to offer the highest quality, the best product on the market, and in some cases, the only product on the market, at a competitive price.

Edge Products