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Bully Dog Technologies, LLC is a team built on integrity who is dedicated to leading the vehicle performance industry with an uncompromising code of ethics demonstrated in the soundness of its' employees, excellent customer service, and superior products.

Bully Dog Performance Electronics BullyDog Cold Air Intakes
Bully Dog Performance Electronics Bully Dog Cold Air Intakes

Why Diesel?
The secret is out! Diesel trucks are now one of the hottest segments in the truck market. Diesel owners have known for decades that when it comes to towing and hauling, diesel engines stand at the head of the class. What’s more, diesel owners have found that diesel engines can be modified to produce even more horsepower and torque while regularly increasing fuel efficiency as well. The towing capacity of a vehicle with a diesel engine is nothing short of amazing.

In recent years there has been increased interest in diesel vehicles, not only for the vehicle’s long established assets in terms of fuel economy and low end torque (which is vital when towing heavy loads), but also because new innovations in diesel technology has produced vehicles that are far more driver friendly in daily driving situations. New advancements in aftermarket technology have essentially waved goodbye to the days when owning a diesel meant driving a sluggish, smoke belching, noisy monstrosity.

These recent advances in technology and a wealth of performance upgrades have sparked an explosion of interest in applications for diesel trucks historically known as hard working trucks.

While exhaust upgrades, inductions, transmissions and even larger wheel and tire packages are all popular applications for the new breed of diesel trucks, the focus of the market over the last few years has undoubtedly been towards electronics. These electronic parts, including plug-in performance modules and downloaders, allow drivers to adjust horsepower from inside the cab and have really set the trend in the industry.

Why Bully Dog?
Bully Dog Technologies’ complete history is built around the diesel engine. Unlike most of our competitors, our business is diesel vehicle performance. We were the first company to develop and patent a safe propane system for the diesel engine. We first developed the propane injection system for our own tractors and then our own pickup trucks before sending them to market. In the fall of 2002, we were first to the market with a plug-in module called the Torque Dog and in 2004 and a downloader called the Power Pup for the Dodge Cummins diesel. In 2003, we introduced the Power Hound module for the 6.0 Liter Ford Power Stroke.

The diligence and dedication demonstrated by our engineering team has been a significant contribution to our success and shows our dedication to ground-breaking new products. The engineering department, with a combined experience of 46 years, is staffed with the most talented, knowledgeable and innovative electrical engineers. Our engineers concentrate on modifications that will increase horsepower, fuel economy and torque. Bully Dog is staffed with a highly professional team that knows diesel performance and will strive to provide you, the customer, with the most functional performance modules on the market. Our customers can be assured that they are at the head of the pack in diesel performance!

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