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About GO Industries Inc.

Go Industries, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Mr. R. Orth. Mr. Orth saw the need for workmen to protect the tailgates of their pickup trucks. Go Industries went to market with their first product, an 11 gauge steel tailgate protector. Go Industries soon expanded the product line to include other functional accessories including Grille Guards, Bed Rails and Headache Racks.
In the mid-1980's, Go Industries moved to its current location. Several expansions later, Go now has two manufacturing facilities and one distribution center. One manufacturing facility and the distribution center and offices are located in Richardson, Texas and the other manufacturing facility is located in Clifton, Texas.
Products today are manufactured in state of the art facilities utilizing computer controlled manufacturing equipment and robotic welding machines. All products are backed by a Go Industries warranty.

Today, Go Industries' manufactures a wide range of products for pickup trucks including:

  • Big Tex Grille Guard™ the industry leading two inch chrome grille guard. Its unique design, heavy outside welds and giant size results in a grille guard that won't bend flex or vibrate when in use. All applications include easy, no drill, frame mount installation and you retain your tow hooks on all applications.
  • Rancher Grille Guard™ is built for total protection anywhere you take it. Sometimes you take your truck places where you need extra protection from road debris and off road brush. This one-piece, fully welded grille guard provides the maximum front end protection.
  • Winch System Grille Guard is designed for rugged durability and provides a base for other options. This modular style grille guard can be used alone for serious front protection or you can add brush guards to protect the headlight area and a winch carrier designed to meet the requirements for your winch operation.

To round off the grille guard line is our Grille Shield™ stainless steel grille guard and our Knockdown modular grille guard. Other pickup truck accessories include six styles of headache racks, four styles of air-flow tailgates, three bed rail styles, billet grilles; rocker panel molding, mud flaps and mud flap accessories for dual wheel trucks, dually simulators, truck light bars, Sport Bars™ (steps), and new for 2008 are the Rancher Rugged Steps™ and the TailGuard Bed Extender™.

Contact / Info:

Go Industries Inc.
Go Industries Inc.
420 North Grove Road
Richardson, TX 75081
United States