Hypertech® Max Energy Programmer

Hypertech Max Energy
Max Energy Power Programmer
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Hypertech® Max Energy:
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More Hypertech Max Energy Information & Features

The Best Performance Tuner On The Planet ...Period!
The Hypertech® Max Energy Power Programmer extracts every bit of energy possible out of every molecule of fuel giving you more miles-per-gallon at part throttle and more power at wide open throttle.

  • Most powerful tuning available for gasoline-powered vehicles
  • Most powerful tuning available for diesels that tow, with the lowest EGT's
  • Great fuel economy improvements for gas and diesel vehicles
  • Internet updateable - USB cable included (PC required)
  • Simple installation

The Hypertech Max Energy not only increases power and performance, but customers are raving about the improved fuel economy.
Read what end users are saying about the Max Energy Power Programmer here. (.PDF)

Hypertech Power Tuning

Optimized spark and fuel curves over the entire rpm range to deliver more horsepower, torque, and improved fuel efficiency.

For Gas Vehicles:
Higher compression ration engines and engines with superchargers or turbo chargers were designed to use only premium octane, so only one (1) Power Tuning program for premium octane is provided. But, if your car or truck came from the factory capable of using more economical regular octane, then two (2) optimized tuning programs are provided: one for premium, and the other for regular. In most cases, Hypertech's exclusive Power Tuning for regular octane provides excellent power gains, almost as much power as premium. If you are using premium octane, and you want all out, maximum power, then select premium octane Power Tuning.

For Diesel Vehicles:
Three (3) stages of Power Tuning are available. Even the highest power level Stage 3, maintains safe EGT's while towing the maximum weight specified by the vehicle manufacturer. No other tuner offers this level of power for towing. Hypertech's low EGT's, proper transmission shifting and superior tuning that doesn't require de-fueling, give the Max Energy Power Programmer the performance advantage.

Automatic Transmission Adjustments
Transmission Shift Points & Firmness Shift Firmness
Increase shift firmness to maximize performance or when towing, to reduce clutch slippage and transmission oil temperatures. That means longer transmission life. However, this feature must not be used if you have installed and aftermarket shift kit in your transmission

Shift Points
The Max Energy allows you to raise of lower the shift points in 100 RPM increments for maximum performance, quicker acceleration, and better 1/4-mile times. With the Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer, you have the ability to customize the shift points for every gear. Optimizing each shift point can definitely improve performance.

Top Speed Limiter
Top Speed Limiter Automobile manufacturers limit a vehicle's top-speed to match the speed rating of the factory-installed tires. If you have installed tires that have a different speed rating, the Max Energy allows you to raise or lower the vehicle's top-speed limiter to match the speed rating of the newly installed tires. A tire's speed rating for maximum safe speed under perfect conditions is marked on its sidewall. Always obey all traffic laws when driving and only use this feature for off-highway competition in sanctioned events.

Cooling Fan "On/Off" Temperatures
Cooling fan on/off temperatures The Max Energy allows you to adjust the "on/off" temperatures of your vehicle's electric cooling fans to match a lower temperature thermostat, such as a Hypertech PowerStat. A low-temperature produces a cooler, denser intake charge, is less likely to detonate under heavy loads and allows the engine to make more power.

RPM "Rev" Limiter
Rev Limiter In today's vehicles, the onboard computer controls maximum engine rpm. The stock computer is programmed to shut down the engine when it reaches its redline. But if you have modified your vehicle to increase its high-speed performance, more rpm means more power. When you shift gears with the stock rpm limit, the engine falls back to below the peak of its horsepower curve. When you extend the engine's rpm range with the Hypertech Max Energy, your engine has more power available after gear changes. By adjusting the maximum rpm to keep the engine in the "sweet spot" of its power curve, you can increase the average horsepower that accelerates the vehicle.

Speedometer/Odometer Calibrator
Speedometer & Odometer Correction If you've installed tires that are larger or smaller than original equipment tires, or if you have installed a ring and pinion gear set with a different rear gear ratio, the Max Energy allows you to re-program for correct speedometer and odometer readings, as well as correct part-throttle shifting. The vehicle's computer calculates your vehicle's speed based on the diameter of the stock tires. If you've installed taller or shorter tires, or changed the rear gear ratio, the vehicle's computer doesn't know how fast your vehicle is going. As a result, the automatic transmission may not shift correctly and the speedometer/odometer readings will not be accurate (as required by law). The Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer lets you select different tire sizes and rear gear rations, the stores that information in your vehicles computer.

Return To Stock Or Change Option Settings
Restore Stock Settings Anytime Hypertech's Max Energy downloads and saves the stock tuning program, then uploads your customized Power Tuning program. Before taking your vehicle into a dealership for service, always return the vehicle's computer back to the factory programming. Once you have the vehicle back from the dealership, reinstall the Max Energy Power Programming as before. Hypertech's Max Energy can only be used on one (1) vehicle at a time, so if you sell your vehicle or want to try power tuning a friends vehicle, simply return your vehicle to the stock tuning program and you may then use the programmer on another vehicle that is covered in the same Max Energy part number.

Read And Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Vehicle diagnostics If you get a "check engine" light or a "service needed" message, the Max Energy will allow you to read the code and gives you the ability to clear the code and turn the "check engine" light off. You can then make the necessary repairs to prevent the light from coming back on.

Internet Updateable
Internet Updateable

The Max Energy Programmer comes with a USB cable and a CD containing software to enable quick updates over the internet. If your vehicle has a new calibration not available when your Max Energy Power Programmer was manufactured, it is possible that you will see a "Cal not found" message on the Max Energy display screen. If this occurs, you can simply update your Max Energy with the correct new calibration via the internet. The CD also contains an installation video and a printable version of the instruction manual.

Operating Systems - Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit.
Disk Space - 13 MB (Tuner Update Application, 280 MB (.Net Framework 2.0, if not installed)

Important Note:
During programming, there must be no additional load and changes in current draw on the battery. So disconnect any accessories (such as cell phone, iPod, radar detector, or any other device) plugged into the cigarette lighter or other 12 volt outlets before starting the installation process. All electrical accessories such as the radio, windows, a/c, heater, wipers, lights, etc. must be turned "off". Keep all doors closed so that interior lights will be "off" and no alarms will be sounding. If your vehicle is equipped with OnStar, satellite radio, remote starter, or aftermarket speakers/amplifiers, you must locate and remove the fuses to disable those devices before programming.