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I would like to give my review on my experience from When I purchased my truck used it didn't come with floor mats, so I started reading reviews on TW and decided on Weathertechs. In my searching, I came across an amazing deal compared to any other posted prices on the intraweb in this thread Weathertech Special. I pm'ed TAOScott and requested a price on mats for my wife's '11 Camry and my'10 Taco. He sent back the lowest price I had seen on the Weathertech's the next morning, so I called him up and place the order. I figured the free shipping would be slow, but I received both sets very quick.

Since I had such an excellent transaction with TAOScott on my last purchase, I decided to see what he could do for me on a tonneau cover. I decided on the Advantage TorzaTop after reading many reviews. The first time I called TruckAddOns Scott was not available and one of the other guys gave me a 10% discount w free shipping. I told him I would think about it and try and go through TW via TAOScott. Called back the next day and Scott came through with a 15% discount as well as free shipping. Placed the order and a couple weeks later (had to come directly from Advantage) I am loving this cover.

Thanks to Scott (Ext. #1167) for two smooth transactions. I highly recommend shooting him a pm to see what kind of deal he can give you.

Pistol Pete via

I just placed a large order with Nick (#1517) based in Reno, NV. I just have to say that he was the most friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and professional sales rep I've dealt with in a long time. He saved me BIG money over your competitors and made it a pleasure to do business with you. I won't hesitate to order again from Truck Add-Ons in the near future.

Michael G.

Just a note; You guys blew away all other competators prices on my purchase of warns atv pro advantage plow system,and representive Jon was knowledgable & quick. Iwill spread the word and continue shopping with you!!



I recently ordered a Husky liner for my 2004 Ford F150 becuase I found your prices to be the lowest after a long search. I ordered the part on the 13th and I recd it on the 16th. The part arrived exactly as I ordered and on Saturday no less. Thank you for the best price, great service and follow through. I will difinitely do more business with and I will recommend you others.

Kevin Nelson

Thanks for the Great Job on my order. I couldn't believe how fast you got it here. Your in my favorites and we'll be doing business again.

Harvey Gibson

I have had to call a couple of times on a order with Go Rihno with shipping dates. I was fortunate to talk to a young lady named Michele that made the phone call a pleasent endevor. I have had problems with GR in the past but Michele I think cut to the chase with them. You (TruckAddons) are lucky to have a lady like Michele that makes the Customer at ease knowing someone is really looking out for their e-buying experience. If Michele is the type of person I can look forward to talking to when making a purchase or questions about a purchase you will have all my business. Thank you TruckAddons for hiring people of Michele's qualities to deal with the public!
Clarence Powell

I just received my Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover. What I read online was that it installs in 15 minutes. That is bullcrap... it installs in like 2 minutes! I am totally satisfied with the product and it is so durable and so easy to install. And delivery was unbelievable. I ordered the Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover on the Tuesday and I had it on Wednesday (the very next day). Talk about fast shipping. Thanks for everything. You just earned future orders from me.
Jeffery Rogers

I wanted to give a quick but Sincere Thank You to your entire team. From the time someone answered the phone and took my questions and my order up to the folks helping me track my order to the carrier that was used to ship my undercover tonneau. Such a smooth professional transaction. I will do business with you again as well as recommend TruckAddons to all my friends. Have a great day.
Thanks to all,
Charles Gilmer

I've tried to order parts from other web sites, but their site were not very detailed on the description of what the parts fit. After call them to see if the parts would fit, they weren't sure and topd me the wrong info. I checked with another site online, emailed them with a question and never heard back from them. Your web site is very easy to use and informitive. I called your number with a question, the operator was very helpful and also gave me a discount on my order! This is my first time ordering from, your prices are awesome and I will definetly be coming back to order again.
Brandon Zeiders

I just wanted to take a second and say Thank You!!! I placed an order last Monday evening 01/18/2010, for a Lund Hitch Rack with an extremely helpful and understanding Sales and/or Customer Service Representitive named Michelle. Unfortunately I didn't get her last name, but I just wanted you to know that even though she was scheduled to get off about 2 minutes before I called back to place the order for the rack. She answered all of my questions and placed my order with no complaints or hurry. I am always leery of placing an order over the internet, especialy with a company that I have never dealt with or heard of before. But she placed the order, sent me an E-Mail notification, and informed me that my order would arrive that Thursday 01/21/2010. Low and behold sure enough the Lund Rack arrived that Thursday just as Michelle had promised, and was exactly the model I was looking for. All I can say is that I am extremely impressed with her knowledge of the product, and m ost importanly following thru on what she says.

I might not of done business with TruckAddOns before, but you can be sure that any time I get the urge to buy any more accessories for my vehicles, your company will be the first one that I will turn to, and if anyone else I know is in need of acessories for there vehicles I will be sure to recomend your company. It has been a pleasure doing buisness with your company, and by the way got a chance to try out the hitch rack this past weekend on a trip to Home Depot to haul home ladder.


Art Marchand

Hi Barry:  I specifically asked who I could contact regarding Stephanie, your returns manager. 
I can not begin to say how much she has helped us with our return.  She is truly a great asset to your company.  She was in constant contact with us regarding our return and reorder and she did it in a very friendly manner. 
We have done business in the past with you but will definitely continue to do so with personnel like Stephanie.  I can not say enough good things about her. We corresponded with her mainly through emails, and I personally know how busy a person can get doing their regular jobs on a daily basis, and emails seem to "slow down" your duties, but she did it so well and we are 200%+ satisfied with her and your company. 
Again, thank you and a great ole "tip of the hat" or a big THANK YOU to her.   More companies need more people like Stephanie. 


Norma (Sue) Kubiak

I want to tell you how very pleased and satisfied I am with your fantastic UnderCover hard, locking tonneau bed cover.

You always take a risk when you buy something sight unseen, but when I saw your product advertised on the Internet (through it was exactly what I was looking for and I thought it was worth taking the chance to buy it: The price was very reasonable, the quality and workmanship are outstanding, and the fit and finish are excellent.

I am more than satisfied with it. I'm ecstatic over it!

I just finished installing the UnderCover Tonneau on my 2009 Ford F150 XLT and I couldn't be happier with it.

I couldn't believe it was going to be as easy to install as you say, but it is! I spent a little longer than the half hour you estimate it takes for installation because I'm rather slow and methodical when I do work like this. But the product came with everything needed except the single tool required for installation (in my case a 1/2-inch socket wrench), the instructions were clear and easy to understand and well illustrated, and I was able to do everything myself.

The design is ingeniously simple, yet very effective. The tonneau is rugged and handsome and fits my truck bed like it was custom designed for it. In following your installation instructions to the letter, I found there was no more than 1/4-inch of possible adjustment in the fit of the tonneau--nothing worth bothering about. What a joy to have things work and fit right the first time and not have to spend hours time and a lot of energy trying to make things work or fit right.

Thank you again for making such a terrific product,
James Benson
Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it, and apologize for being abrupt last week. I understand you were doing your job and my attitude was unnecessary and inexcusable. Really appreciate you going above and beyond to work with Iron Cross to re-ship early!
Thanks again,
Scott Farris

I was not expecting my tonneau cover until next week.  I had hoped for it before the weekend, but I called to check the status and was told it was being shipped Thursday evening.  I received my cover today and cannot express how happy I am with your service.  I have purchased from Truckaddons before and again was pleased.  You and your company have gone way above and beyond to earn my business.  I cannot wait to make more purchases from your company exclusively.   You should be very proud of yourself and your company for making me as satisfied as I am.  What can I do to show my appreciation?
Thanks for an awesome buying experience.

My kindest personal regards.
Scott Woody

A few months back Erik Eby sold me a set of TSL Boggers for a mud racer I built. I just wanted to let you know that they Erik worked with me and got the deal done. He was very professional and courteous to say the least. The truck has already taken first and third place with my 14 year old son driving. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.

Henry Thomae

Barry I would like to take a second and let you know how great it was to work with Erik. I bought a 12k MileMarker winch from E Bay and it arrived with a damaged, and incorrect control box. Erik worked with both myself and MileMarker to get this resolved for me as quick as possible. The reason time is of an essence is because I am have a trip to BadLands in Indiana planned and want to be able to pull all of my buddies in their little XJ's around the park.

Thanks for having such a great staff member,
Chris Twarowski

Hello Kimberly
Without your help BAK Industries ignored my requests for help. I appreciate what you have done for me. I will patronize and recom mend Trailblazers/Truckaddons to family, friends, and coworkers.

Thank You,
John King

I just received the tonneau cover and it came as promised. I wanted to let you know that was first time using your site, and I called and also talked to Dave, x 1591.
I just wanted to say that the product was as advertised, came as expected and when it was supposed to come. Not many companies that I have used can always give that! Thanks for the product. Thank Dave for his help in getting the right one and with the questions I had. He had the right answers, with the right attitude. Kudos to all.

Darrell Elmer

I was concerned about my order being delivered before I went out of town. I needed to make arrangements to have someone accept the delivery. I sent an e-mail to you this morning to check and see if it had been shipped yet. Well let me tell you, I was sitting in my office at home later in the day and the Fed Ex truck pulled up with the delivery !!! I ordered it on Tuesday and it's delivered on Friday. That's what I call service. Outstanding job ! I will be ordering from you again. Oh, the tonneau top went on as easy as it say in the advertisement.
Thanks again,
Kelley Wellbrock

Rarely, does one find companies and/or employee's that truly embrace superior customer service. Customer service that transcends the average or even the above average. The type customer service that's second to none and that welds a bond of loyalty that can last a life time. Prior to retiring, for 28 years, I was Sr. VP of a large regional bank out of Evansville, IN. Throughout my entire banking career and personal life, I lived,  breathed and preached the importance of giving our customers, superior customer service, even if it means referring them to a competitor. 

I've ordered 6 items from , the last 4, calling and asking for help.

I was connected with Britt Clopton, ext. # 1217.  Mr. Clopton (Britt) exemplifies the true meaning behind superior customer service. Polite, courteous, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable,  are just a few words that come to mind , in describing the superior customer service Britt provided me. Kudoes to Britt and many thanks.
Best Regards,
James Orrahood
"A Customer For Life"

I ordered a BedRug for my new 2007 Ford truck on Monday July the 2nd. I was not expecting to receive it until July the 12th or 13th. To my supprise it was delivered on July the 10th. I unpacked it and with in 20 minutes I had it installed in my truck and it looks fantastic!! It fits like a glove. I saved over $125.00 from what my local Camper supply store wanted, and over $150.00 from what my Ford dealership wanted stalled.

You guys really rock. Thank you for a great product at a great price and great service. We will be doing business again and again!

Tony W.
Ft. Worth, TX.
2007 Ford F-150 Super Crew 5'6" bed

I ordered a "Rugged Cover" tonneau cover for my truck on Friday June 29th, I was told it should be here in 7-10 days.
It is Tuesday July 3rd @ 3:00pm and it is on my truck now!
I assumed that 7-10 days meant business days, equating to a possible 2 weeks for delivery. I was fine with that.
You have blown my mind!
Thank you for getting my tonneau cover to me so fast!

Nathan W.
2004 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4

I received my tonno and bed rug liner. You guys are great! Shipping was extremely fast! I appreciate it a lot. I'm telling all my friends with trucks! And I'll definitely be back for more stuff!

I recently ordered the Extang Classic Platinum tonneau cover from I order the product on Friday June 30th.

Understanding this was a holiday weekend, I did not expect to see it until the following friday or later. I was shocked when my product arrived on monday July 3, the next business day. Kudos to you and your store for running a fantastic shipping/product service to your consumers.


I wanted to thank for all of your help with my order that I placed on 7-5-06 for my Truxedo truxsport cover. I am glad I bought fro your company and I plan to purchase again. I was suprised when I got home today and there it was infront of my door. Again thank you.
Newburyport Ma.

I had the opportunity to order a hypertech programer for my 06 Ford F350 last week. I spoke with your employee Brit and was impressed by his knowledge of the product and his courteous nature. After I got off the phone, I immediately posted his contact# on our website and I know of at least 2 people that ordered programmers from him that day. I write an article every 2 weeks for Automotive Performance News and it will include the results of my adding the hypertech to my truck.

I know if someone has a complaint, you hear from them, I believe that GOOD service also needs to be recognized. Thank you for everything and I will be telling everyone I know about your fine company.

Lt. Tom Brown President Beat the Heat Inc.

Fantastic product, My husband was very surprised ( he didn't know I ordered it)and happy with the visor, I took it and had it painted to match the truck. Then surprised him with it. It looks great on the truck and was easy to install.

Item was delivered today...spectacular service. Thanks.
Thank you,

I just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding service! I love my Husky liners. The price was great and they were at my house quick. You guys rock.

I ordered this item (Tonneau cover) on Tuesday 4/11. at about 1 PM. You shipped on the same day. FedEx picked up at your site that same afternoon. Fed Ex delivered to me here in Knoxville at 2 PM on Thur 4/13. The cover was on the truck at 4:30 the same day.  Every thing fits perfectly...the item was complete...& it looks great.

Thank you for great service & a quality product & for shipping via FedEx.

I would just like to say THANK YOU!!! I have never seen such quick service, I ordered the parts monday, and they were at my house this afternoon when I arrived home. The price was great and you can most certianly bet that I will be doing business with you much more in the future. The parts were perfect just what I had expected. Thank you very much and you can bet I will be telling all my buddies about your company.

I recieved the Bars on 3/30. This is the 2nd purchase I have made from you. The prices are great and the service is great. Everything went smoothly.

I got the springs and shocks today.  Thank you for the excellent service and fast shipping.  I will be doing business again in the future.

I just got home from work and found the Roll Bak truck bed cover on my door step. Thank you for the timely delivery. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.

I just wanted to drop you folks a brief note of thank you! I recently ordered a SmittyBilt Modular Truck Grill Guard, and it arrived yesterday. The sales person I spoke with was really great! He was helpful, knowledgable, and courteous! He tracked the grill down at SmittyBilt here in California, and had it dropped shipped.
Tehachapi, Ca.

Thanks for your reply to my tracking request and getting back to me in a timely order. I had spoken with Larry about cancelling my order and was pleased with his courtesy and professionalism over the phone. I had told Larry that I had jumped the gun in ordering the parts because I had decided not to purchase the vehicle in which they were to be installed on but when he told me that the order was already scheduled to ship and would be here Tuesday, I again changed my mind and bought the vehicle. I just wanted to tell you that it would have been okay if the parts came as scheduled but I appreciated that you took care of my request to cancel. Your good people to deal with and I will definately be using you for ordering parts in the future. Thanks again for your professionalism

I wanted to pass along how amazing my experience was with Truck Add Ons... I ordered a Lund Tonneau cover for my F-150 and I received it only two days later. It took only 10 minutes to install. Do you all somehow have the ability to anticipate what I was going to order?
As a customer I couldn't have asked for anything more. You all exceeded my expectations.

Just wanted to thank you for the super quick "free" shipping. Ordered front & rear stainless bumpers for my 2005 Jeep Wrangler on Tuesday afternoon. Just received them this morning (Friday). Haven't opened the box yet but already very impressed with your service.
Thanks again.

I can't believe that this whole process was so easy. I shopped around and found your prices to be great, I ordered a Tonneau cover Tuesday night, had it delivered on Thursday and it took me 20 minutes to install. Thank you, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Great Service!
Ordered the cargo carrier hitch Sunday and got it Thursday ! We took it on vacation Saturday for a week and loved it !

Also a great Price !


I just recently ordered a 6" suspension lift from you guys Tuesday and just wanted to say that I was very pleased with the way you took care of me and did that price match for me. I can promise you that in the near future when I purchase more items for my truck, I will definately be calling you and and the guys at truckaddons first. Well i just wanted to say thanks for the help and I appreciate it! THANKS!

I wanted to say thank you very much for your assistance in this important purchase. You went above and beyond what you stated you would originally in meeting or beating the competitors price.
Irving Texas

I recently ordered 5 Pro Comp X Terrains from you. I was asked and had to ask myself why would I order tires from Kentucky when I live in northern Nevada? I did shop around. You guys are great! You had the best price, the free shipping and outstanding customer service. There was a couple of small problems and you were all over that. You even shipped my fifth tire to me FedEx so it arrived the same time as the other four. None of the local businesses could touch that. That is why I will continue to buy from you and recommend that my wheeling friends do the same. Thanks for the awesome service!

I ordered my Street Scene inserts yesterday and they arrived today.  The price was awesome and the shipping was fast.  I would like to thank Peter and everyone at for the great service and I will definately recommend your company to those looking for accessories!
Thanks again,

I have received your package and install the bug guard.  I was surprised to see how easier the install was.  Thanks you for the quick shippment and friendly service.

I recently ordered an exhaust system and I wanted to say what an awesome job you do of getting our orders out. I ordered it on Friday and it was in Cali. Sat. Thank you.

Just a short note. I received my order on Friday. It arrived in excellent condition, part fit as per instructions, very high quality, completely satisfied. I would/will buy from your company in the future. Keep up the good work.

I got the cover sooner than I thought and it looks great and is going to be very handy. I can fold it up and load big things and close it up and keep my golf clubs safe and sound. You were also a lot better price than anywhere else.

I just wanted to E-mail ya guys and say thanks. I ordered from you some Rancho 5000 series shocks and my truck rides better than ever. I searched the internet for hours till I found your site and you guys had exactly what I wanted. You also saved me a but load of money, not to mention your product arrived exactly when you said it would. Thanx again.
A Happy Costumer,

Thanks for the super fast shipping! I ordered a ladder rack from another company, after a week I received a letter saying it was out of stock.
You guys do a great job!
I. Dickson

"I just wanted to write and thank Tino with helping us straighten out the nightmare with Westin concerning the bed extender we purchased through your company. The clips and screws were missing and was pretty much useless to us. We contacted Westin customer service and was told basically too bad. (They could take a lesson from your company on customer service) That's when we contacted you and Tino was able to get the matter corrected."

I got the UPS tracking number for my order. Supposed to be on track for delivery on Thursday. I appreciate the magic you performed in getting the bedrug to me.
Boiling Springs, PA

I have already rec'd my packages on Friday evening. Thank you, and WOW what great/fast service, you guys will be on my every holiday list. I have five boys. Wonderful service.
Mr and Mrs Larry Davis

After having a "near SCAM experience" with a Internet Tonneau-Cover sales in Central Texas...I was a little reluctant to place my order. However, after speaking with you for a few minutes, I knew I had called the right place. You guys have a great thing going here. My JackRabbit cover arrived (a lot sooner than I expected) as promised, plus I got a much better deal on it from you! I've gotten lots of comments on the cover and I'm recommending TruckAddons to everyone!
Thanks Guys!
Herb Taylor
Corpus Christi,Tx.

I just wanted to say thanks for the super service I received when I ordered an 18k Hidden Hitch. Your price was the best I found and the free shipping sealed the deal. The order didn't come routine UPS but Fed-Ex at no extra charge to me. I was real impressed. It was installed in my truck today and it looks great and works great. I will order more products from you in the future.
Thanks again,

Just a note to say thanks to Bobby for the P.E. JackRabbit cover I had just received. The fit and installation is excellent, and compared to the roll-n-lock cover I had a few years back, this has better features, fit, more streamlined, and a lot less expensive.
John Sens
Cincinnati, OH

Thanks! I ordered my cover and it arrived seven days later via Fed-X. I have a Tacoma four door and I had no problems installing the cover. It looks great and didn't get loose driving down the freeway.

Just wanted to let you guys know you provide what you advertise. I ordered a set of 4 ranchos on Thursday, and they arrived today (Tuesday).
As Ah-nold said, "I'll be back".

I just want to say I ordered some bed rails and a tonneau cover from your company, and everything came within 5 days and it all fit perfectly. Thanks very much!


I am writing to thank you for your quick and accurate response to my order. I have been having an apparent shock problem with my 2001 Cherokee and ordered a set of Rancho shocks from you to resolve yesterday morning. I did not have a chance to check e-mail until after work today, to get your order confirmation. While I was checking, my wife asked if this was about the UPS package I had received today. I checked the package and, sure enough, it was my new Rancho shocks. Having expected to wait a week or more, I was both pleased and amazed to receive my order overnight. The shocks are now where they belong, on my Jeep.

Needless to say, I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends in need of truck parts.

Thank you again
Jim Kelly

I got the bars yesterday and it was oddly fast. :-) Some of the best customer service I've ever seen. Consider the company bookmarked for furture purchases.

Just wanted to tell you that you guys rock. I ordered a tonneau cover for my 03 dakota on thursday and I got it on monday. It was the best deal I found anywhere. The local shops charge nearly twice what you guy do and it would have taken longer to get. Keep up the good work. It wont be the last thing I buy from you.

Just want to make a quick comment. I've order from you twice and received within two days each time the items shipped.
Thanks for the super fast shipment and quality parts.

Bobby, You "are" the man!
That is exactly what I would have done given the circumstances. If more businesses put their customers concerns first, they would be surprised at how many more "loyal" customers they would enlist. Loyal customers are hard to find now-a-days and each one has the potential to generate more loyal customers. Great Job!!
Thanks a lot,

Thanks for your prompt and Super Fast Delivery

I'd just like to say excellent product and even more excellent shipping. From the price to the too quick turn around. I mean the charge of me paying hasn't even showed up yet on my statement yet.
Good job guys!

I just wanted to say that the service from TruckAddons was excellent. I had ordered an Extang Tuff Tonno Cover III from a local shop here in Michigan and they assured me that they would have the cover within 2 weeks... Well it did not happen and they said that it would be another two weeks. It was at this point that I started looking online for a tonneau cover. I searched many different sites and found TruckAddons to have the lowest price and you even offered free shipping!! I spoke with Chris and Tino and they were both very courteous, knowledgeable and helpful I was told I would have the tonneau cover within 5-7 business days and I received my tonneau cover within 5 business days, and I just had it installed yesterday, and I am very pleased with it. I am very happy that the local shop could not help me out because I have found a new site for future truck accessory purchases and I also saved $75!
Thanks again,

WOW!! It is totally awesome to have dealings with a company that goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. It seems like just yesterday that I placed my order (a Bedrug truck bed liner, an Extang "Tuff Tonno III" tonneau cover, a Covercraft 400 Series truck cover and lastly the Toucan shift knob) and here it is SIX days later I've got FedEx making the delivery and not only that I had the stuff installed in short order time. The correct pieces, the extreme ease in which it all went together. You've done a commendable job of finding the right manufacturers with the knowledge of proper fit & finish for that particular make, model, & to also ship the right stuff. JUST TOO COOL!
Thanks again to EVERYONE involved for being there.
Chris Sebelius

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received. My order was handled very promptly with absolutely no problems. Thank You. I always have problems when ordering items from the internet. I have finally found a company that has not screwed it up.
Thanks again,
Josh Brown
Biloxi, MS

Just had to give all of you folks at TruckAddons a pre-delivery note. Accessed your website just a few days ago and have had nothing but great success in browsing through the many accessories available to the hopeful shoppers. I have tried, (with not much success) in finding/ordering the exact parts that fit my personal taste. Guess what? You've by far exceeded my expectations on my "gotta have it" list. Just ordered from you website a Bedrug Carpet Bedliner kit, Extang "Tuff Tonno III" soft tonneau cover, a Covercraft 400 series truck cover, a Tailpad for mid-size trucks and lastly a Toucan shift knob. Not only were your prices unbeatable, but you also offered items nobody else stocks. A plus in my books. I will HIGHLY recommend this company/website to anybody looking to accessorize THEIR prize possessions. I am SO looking forward to receiving my items and getting them on my vehicle, especially after waiting a full year just to find MY particular parts (yeah, I might be slow, but I am persistent).

Thank you for your quick response. Its been a pleasure doing buisness with you and I look foward to doing it again. Its a buisness like this that keeps people like me coming back.
Anthony Peluso
Queens N.Y

I just wanted to thank you for the professional and patient attention you gave to my order for the Husky Liners for my '03 Expedition. You went the extra mile, and the liners arrived here in just two days! Unbelivable! Customer service such as yours is rare these days, especially when it is combined with the best price and selection. I will recommend your company to any of my friends without hesitation, and would not hesitate for a minute to give you repeat business.

Thank you very much for your time. I am very impressed with your company.
Thank you once again!

I receieved the new bug shield today and although i haven't had the opportunity to install it it appears to be the correct one. Thank you for correcting the error promply & courteously. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.
Thank you!
A. Cossentino Jr

The Greatest One Stop Shop:
I live in the Omaha, Nebraska area and have been shopping for truck accessories since I purchased my first truck. I must say in the years that I've been having ideas come to mind and things I'd like to do to my rigs I must say that I have NEVER found a business in my area where I could get EVERYTHING I EVER THOUGHT OF AND MORE in one spot. Please keep up the great work, keep the new ideas coming, and hold no punches with the product lines that you carry. I look forward to many business dealings in the future because as I have seen in my first glances of your web site there isn't anything I can't get. I must also say that I sincerely enjoy the idea of getting it painted from your company. I don't have the ability to paint products for myself and it seems almost impossible to get it done here in town unless you've wrecked your vehicle and you add something during the repairs. Again keep up the awesome work!!
Richie "Wardog" Worden

Hey Truck Addons, I love your site, it is very well designed and it is a lot of help. I talked to Philipp and he was incredibly courteous as well as helpful. I would like to tell the manager just what a great job his staff is doing and how much help that they are.
Jim & Lana Osborne

I received my Ventshade rainguards yesterday and put them on yesterday! I thank you for acting so quickly and getting me my order! I will placing an order for Running Boards in the near future and will
more-than-likely be placing it thru, thanks to your excellent customer service skills (phone manner, quick response & excellent follow-up). Not to mention the fact that you are in a completely different department!

I just wanted to let you know that I placed an order over the internet, for Westin tube steps for my truck, on a Monday morning. On Friday morning the delivery guy was dropping them at my house. By Friday afternoon I had put them on my truck, and was happier than I expected. I ordered from your site because you had the cheapest prices, and free shipping on an item that big. But the service was outstanding, and the prompt delivery was unbelievable. I will definately recomend your site to my friends.

Thank you for the personal attention. It's truly appreciated, and I will be ordering from you again in the near future.

Hey guys, Just writing a quick note to let you know i'm VERY satisfied with the way you do business!! I not only recieved high quality parts,I recieved them in record time! Looking foward to doing more business with you!
Thank you very much

I just wanted to let you know I just purchased a Grant Banjo steering
wheel and optional banjo installation kit. The only reason I was able to make the right choice for my vehicle was the excellent help I received from Jade. Each time I called, she provided me with all the details of the particular wheels I was interested in. She made my experience with your company a pleasure.

Just wanted to tell you how happy we have been with your service. Your web page is easy to get around on, is clear and understandable. Also, your customer service staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I really appreciate all of the above items. Internet ordering is usually very impersonal, but not with you. Thank you so much. PS - I live in a town of 3000 people; I do not have easy access items like you provide. (Please make sure to pass this to Barry, he was very friendly when we spoke!)

I would like to inform you that I received the last two packages of my order. I also received your follow-up phone message. I would like to thank you for helping resolve this problem and following through to it's completion. Your prompt, considerate and curtious attention in this matter will surely be the qualifying factor in my continued business with your company.

With Barry's help, and patience with me, I recieved my Aries Bar grille guard and it is on my truck. I originally ordered the Manik grille guard for my 2000 Chev., but the manufacture was very slow to get it shipped. I was in a time crunch and I was becoming very frustated with the waiting. I e-mailed asking about the order ststus after waiting for about 2 weeks. The message was sent to Barry. I called him 2 days later. He found out it would be about 2 more weeks before Manik even shipped, plus upto 2 more weeks for shipping. Barry suggested going with the Aries Bar instead. He quickly located the correct part# while I was on the phone, and he called Aries to see what they had ready to ship. I just received the Aries Bar on last Friday. It's now installed and it looks GREAT! Thanks to Barry and the rest ot the team at TruckAddOns.
Doug Everett, WA

I found your site using Google, but it is not the first time that i have been here. I frequently browse your site at least once every two weeks. Thanks for the great prices and products. Keep up the good work!

My name is James of Mount Airy, NC. I believe it was you that I talked to when I ordered my rollbars. W\hat I wanted to tell you is that I ordered my bars on Tuesday the 26th and I got my Main Bar on the following Thursday, and my kickers come in the next day on Friday. I now have them on the truck. When I take another picture of my truck I'll email you the photo. My reason for this letter is to let you know that you are a HERO because the bars came in less than three days.

I recently ordered parts for my F150 4x4. Congratulations to your staff ,answered my questions expertly, took down the details professionally, and delivered on or before time without incident. Thanks TruckAddons!

One of the best retail websites that I have ever visited. Nice job.

I ordered the bars at noon on Monday and they arrived in perfect condition at 8 AM the next day!!

WOW! First off I want to say you have an awesome online store!! I
already checked out all my future purchases there! You guys are hopefully going to be lifesavers for me......I'm in the US Air Force stationed over in Germany right now, so online shopping is the only way to get parts and accessories for my new baby. 
Thanks again,
David M. Famiglietti

All I can say is WOW...I ordered a Smittybilt Chrome Bumper Thumper at 5:15 pm Wed. (6/9), and it was delivered to my door a little past noon on Fri. (6/11)! That is what I call "Customer Service!

We will only post 100% REAL emails from our customers, we hope that this section will reassure you that at TruckAddons we are here for you, the valued customer.