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Damage & Loss Claims

In the course of processing transactions where the only means of getting the purchased product to the customer is by either utilizing truck freight or other credible shipping companies (i.e. Fedex, UPS, DHL) we hope you will understand there are occasions in which the shipped product is either lost or damaged during the shipping process. Although this only occurs a small percentage of the time it does in fact still occur. Truckaddons recognizes this and is prepared to work with the shipping company in question to mitigate a legitimate shipping claim for our valued customers. (Truckaddons will only directly mitigate claims shipped from one of our shipping accounts all other claims will be directly handled by the company from which the drop ship occurred. Follow up will be done by Truckaddons to assure claim settlement and credit ) Legitimate claims typically take from 7 to 30 days to settle (  the time frame may vary depending on nature of claim and shipping/freight company) It is recommended that the customer process a “Cross Ship” . A Cross Ship is the immediate reshipment of a replacement order to the customer. The replacement order will be billed to the customer and a credit for the original order will be processed as soon as the claim is settled. If a credit card is used during the transactions in most cases the credits are issued before the customers next billing cycle..Truckaddons is prepared to intervene and mitigate a damage/loss claim with the shipper to attempt to get the claim settled  as long as the following terms and conditions are met.

NOTE:  At no time can Truckaddons file or mitigate a truck freight claim where the product has been delivered and signed for with no damage noted to the driver or shipping company at time of delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the package for damage or parts loss at the time of delivery and immediately note any discrepancies with the driver and freight company.

Claim management terms and conditions:

  • Customer must notify Truckaddons of any damage to a received product within in 24 hours of delivery. We understand at times there are extenuating circumstances  where 24 hour notification is impractical. In such cases AT NO TIME will a claim be handled after 7-10 days of time of delivery .
  • Customer must  supply photographs of claimed damage.
    Attach file(s) of the damaged item when submitting form.
  • Customer agrees to the reshipment of a replacement order once the claim is settled. In the event of a cancellation customer agrees to pay a 15% claim mitigation fee.
  • In the event of the shipment of an incorrect part that is received damaged or lost customer still agrees to the terms listed in section 3 of this policy.
  • Customer assumes responsibility for ANY claim turned down by a shipping company where the package was left at an unintended residence.
  • Customer assumes monetary liability for any item where a claim investigation reveals that the damage to the product was the result of an attempted installation or any other factors other than shipping.
  • Shipping fees will not be refunded if order cancellation occurs during the damage/loss claim process.

Damage & Loss Claim Form
To file a damage or loss claim with you must fill out the form, located at the link below.

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