Tonneau Covers

Truck owners need tonneau covers for several reasons. First and foremost, people need storage space in their vehicles. Pickup trucks have open beds that can hold more cargo than any car trunk, but without a cover, the cargo is out in the open, exposed to rain and the possibility of theft.

A fact about tonneau covers many people don't know is that they conserve energy. An open bed has very poor aerodynamics. It catches wind and makes the engine work harder. A cover reduces air friction and can save a truck owner up to 10 percent on fuel costs. Considering the rising cost of gasoline, that can be a ton of money when compounded over the lifetime of a truck.

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Here at, we sell the largest selection of tonneau covers on the Internet. When browsing through our extensive online catalog, look for covers that are weatherproof, rust resistant, and easy to install. Tonneau covers are available in a wide variety of styles. Some covers are rigid flat surfaces that raise to open like car trunks--many people feel that these appear to be the most stable and sturdy option. However, new models of retractable, roll-up tonneau covers can be extremely durable as well, and also have many fans among truck owners. Other retractable covers fold up from both the front and rear of the bed, making accessibility from either end simple. Styles have evolved in many different directions--the rows of snaps that many people found to be a hassle have been replaced in many models with innovative new hinge systems. For those who prefer the snap-on models, TruckAddons carries a good selection tonneau covers and ever other kind of truck accessories you can think of. We even sell remote control-operated covers.

We offer not only variety and quality but also superior service. Most web-based businesses try to reduce costs by not hiring customer service representatives to answer phone calls. With nearly 30 years in the retail business, we understand the importance of providing customers with personal attention. We encourage you to give us a call for advice on which truck accessories to purchase, or any other reason. There's no reason to purchase something from any other distributor, because we'll not only match a competitor's price, we'll beat it. That's our guarantee to you.

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