The products made by Superchips Inc. can improve the performance of almost any domestic computer-controlled automobile, especially diesel-powered vehicles. The computer chips are easy to install, even for people who have very little mechanical skills.

One of the advantages of Superchips is that you will feel the most benefit while driving at a normal road speed. Other companies that sell similar chips gear their programming towards high speeds and racing. Superchips, on the other hand, focuses on the needs of ordinary people. After installing a Superchips computer chip, people notice improved torque and horsepower, which is very useful for truck owners who move heavy freight with their vehicles. In some instances, fuel mileage improves and maximum-speed limits are eliminated.

Superchips accomplishes these improvements by extensively studying new automobiles and the internal programming of stock computer chips. Automobile manufacturers often program their vehicles to operate the way they do because they assume people will not maintain their cars properly. They use the most conservative calculations possible. The engines they make are actually capable of much better performance than the stock computer chips allow. Superchips taps into that potential.

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Here at, we sell computer chips made by Superchips and several other manufacturers. There is no reason to ever buy chips from another company, because we will beat the prices of any competitors, even if our listed prices are higher than theirs. We not only sell computer chips but also have expertise in the field. We have retail outlets all over the country, and our customer service representatives are just as knowledgeable on automobile engines as your local mechanic. If you need further explanation on the benefits of an upgraded computer chip, feel free to give us a call at any time.

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