Speed Parts

Whether you race cars or just want a little extra kick to merge onto the highway, speed is a great luxury in an automobile. Who does not love speed? If you are currently unsatisfied with the low velocity ceiling of your automobile, you do not necessarily need a new car or truck to attain additional horsepower. Here at TruckAddons, we offer numerous speed parts that can make your engine capable of higher top speeds and faster acceleration.

Speed Parts for a Stronger, More Efficient Engine
A surefire way to increase the speed potential of your automobile is to purchase and install a supercharger. Some superchargers can increase horsepower and engine torque by as much as 40 or 50 percent. These popular speed parts do not interfere with other engine accessories. They increase RPMs without making a lot of additional noise, so your comfort is not compromised. The premier superchargers do not require additional oil lines or oil reservoirs.

Another way to boost engine performance is installing a fuel injection system. A fuel injection system does exactly what the name implies: it injects additional fuel into your engine cylinders. Fuel injectors are fed by fuel pumps and are controlled by the automobile's engine control unit (ECU). The injectors spray fuel as a fine mist so it can be easily atomized.

As mentioned earlier, an automobile's fuel injection system is controlled by the ECU. There are numerous performance chips available here at TruckAddons that alter an automobile's ECU to make the fuel injection process more efficient. Here at TruckAddons, we offer both engine parts and computer chips that can make your automobile faster and quicker. Because we will not only match but beat any prices offered by our competitors, we are your ultimate source for automobile speed parts.

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