Radar Detectors

Nothing can ruin your day like getting pulled over for driving a nominal speed over the legal limit. We all know it happens. In many cases, it is not fair. Unfortunately, the law is almost always against you. If the speed limit is 55 MPH, and you are driving a reasonable 65 MPH, you still do not have much of a case in court. This is why radar detectors are so convenient and popular.

Features of High-Tech Radar Detectors
Many of the radar detectors we have here at TruckAddons are smarter and offer more protection than the devices of yesteryear. You will benefit from faster detection times, more accurate detection, and fewer false alarms, such as those caused by non-police radio devices. Below are some radar detector features available on our website.

Look for detectors with filtering capabilities to avoid false alarms. Many radar detectors can be programmed to make different sounds based on the signals they pick up, which gives you a good idea of the urgency of upcoming threats. Here at TruckAddons, we also have radar detectors that come with integrated scramblers, which prevent any speed from registering on a police radar. Modern police equipment, such as laser guns that measure the speeds of oncoming cars, can be detected with radar detectors with built-in laser technology.

Our online catalog includes an extensive description of all the radar detectors we offer. One of the most important specifications for you as a potential customer is the different radar and laser bands the detector can pick up. The premier detectors will warn you of up to a dozen different bands. You may be able to research which radar devices are most commonly used in your area, or you can simply purchase a top-of-the line detector that will work in any region.

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