Hypertech Inc Power Programmer

hypertech power programmer

Hypertech, Inc. specializes in improving the performance of computer-controlled automobiles through the use of programming devices and numerous engine accessories. Computer chips control various functions within the vehicles we drive, including fan control, automatic transmissions, and RPM limitation, to name just a few. Automatic sensors within the car send signals to internal computer chips, which in turn tell the engine what to do.

One of Hypertech's most popular products is the Power Programmer III, which can alter the default programming of an automobile's computer system. People purchase these chips to increase the horsepower of their engines, keep their engines cooler, and customize an automobile based on changes that have been made. Say, for example, you replace the tires on a truck with ones that are smaller or larger than the stock tires. The truck's internal RPM-reading device will no longer provide the computer chip with an accurate speed for the vehicle. The Power Programmer III, Hypertech's newest chip, can be used to adjust the settings for the new tires.

Hypertech also manufactures fuel injectors to improve horsepower, fuel pressure gauges to help people monitor the performance of their vehicles, and cool fan switches (a safety precaution for automobiles that have been enhanced). These are just a few examples of this innovative company's inventions, most of which are not bulky engine parts. Rather, they are very small pieces that send electronic commands to existing engine components.

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