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Bestop TrekTop Pro
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Hardtop Convenience with a Soft Top's Versatility

Bestop wrote the book on Jeep soft tops, now they are add a whole new chapter. The Trektop™ Pro, designed for the 2007-2015 Jeep® JK Wrangler, is a unique hybrid top which integrates the convenient rear glass hatch of a hard top with the advantages of a premium soft top that has no zippers.

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#54857-01 Defroster/Wiper Motor Wiring Harness: $72.99

#54858-01 Rear Wiper Motor Assembly: $247.99

#42811-01 Window Storage Portfolio Bag: $114.99

Important Footnotes:

  • To connect rear window defroster on Wrangler that has a factory hardtop, no additional harnesses needed. Just plug Trektop™ Pro harness into factory harness on the vehicle and you are ready to go
  • To connect rear window defroster on Wrangler that DID NOT have factory hardtop, order 54857-01 Wiring Harness (sold separately)
  • To connect both defroster and a rear wiper motor assembly on Wrangler without factory hardtop, order 54858-01 Wiper Motor Assembly (sold separately above) plus one of these Mopar factory harness part no’s: 82210215, 82212859, or 82212860 (sold separately by dealer).

Bestop TrekTop Pro Video

Check out the Bestop TrekTop Pro Installation video.

Explore the Unique Features of the Bestop Trektop Pro

  • Industry-first hard rear glass hatch on a soft top for easy, one hand operation and easy accessibility to rear cargo area
  • Premium 30-oz. triple-layer black acrylic twill fabric for durability and great, no-wrinkles appearance
  • Bestop's Sunrider® flip-back panel for open air driving
  • Weighs up to 50 lbs. less than a hard top, can help save gas
  • Sliding glass side windows for extra ventilation for front & rear seat passengers or pets
  • Easy install or removal of rear hatch and side window panels
  • Rear glass hatch has gas assist struts and integrated defroster connector plus rear wiper motor assembly mounting point
  • Rear hatch is removable unlike factory or aftermarket hard tops
  • With side panels and rear glass removed, Trektop™ Pro becomes a Safari Bikini® for open air driving
  • Includes hardware, door surrounds, rear arch module, side windows, safety glass hatch with built in defroster connection

In Depth Trektop Pro Features
Sunrider Panel The Sunrider panel makes it easy to simply unlatch the overhead panel and flip it back. No heavy, hard-to-handle hardtop panels to lift off, and no worries about where to store them.
Rear glass side panels provide flow-thru ventilation which both front/rear seat passengers and your pets will appreciate. Interior security latch locks the panel in place and can't be cut like regular vinyl windows. Rear Glass Panels
Rear Arch Assembly Rear Arch Assembly provides a solid foundation that integrates the fabric deck, side windows & rear glass hatch into a complete package. Made of thermoplastic composite resin, the Arch Assembly allows the rear hatch to be quickly removed, unlike factory hard tops.
Trektop Pro has real glass that works just like a factory hardtop. No more unzipping the rear window, no more tailgate bar to remove. Just open the tailgate and the gas-assist struts lift the hatch with just the pull of one hand. Rear Glass
Defrost Connection Trektop Pro® has an integrated defroster connector that hooks up to your factory wiring bundle on hardtop Wranglers. Bestop also offers an optional harness for Wranglers that didn't have a hardtop, plus an optional Wiper Motor Assembly.
Bestop's Belt-Rail® channel design means no more unzipping windows. Window panels slip into extrusion channels in the Arch Module for a complete seal at the rear glass. Belt Rail Channel
Top Rails Trektop Pro has modular Top Rails that join door surrounds to the Arch Body for a solid, secure structure. Simple, bolt-on install without drilling or punching holes.
The window panels in the new Trektop Pro install or remove quickly without zippers. Top Rails have a custom-sized channel that let windows slide into or out of the channels with ease. The bottom of window panels secure to the Belt-Rail® channel in the body for a complete seal. Window Panels