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Weather Buster™

All-Weather, Custom-Fit Windshield Cover

Weather Buster Kit

Weather Buster in White

Weather Buster in Silver

Weather Buster:

All-Season, Custom-Fit Heat Protection Windshield Covers.

Beat the heat and the snow! By attaching the all-season WeatherBuster to your windshield, you protect your vehicle's interior from the sun's damaging rays and reduce the time you spend scraping frost and ice. Our WeatherBuster windshield sun screen, shades and reflects the heat from your auto interior and puts a layer of protection between your windshield and frost.

Only the WeatherBuster is custom fit heat protection for your vehicle. Our patented design secures your cover to the outside of your windshield and has an anti-theft feature with locking handles inside your vehicle.

Why is this an advantage? Interior windshield shades come in many forms – cardboard, shiny quilted material, twin pop-out circles, slatted blinds and fitted fabric foldouts. Only the WeatherBuster is made from a polyester fabric guaranteed not to rip or tear in normal use.

White Swatch Weather Buster – White

With a rip-stop mesh foundation and reinforced polyester fabric composition, the white WeatherBuster blocks all sunlight making it perfect for keeping the hot (and damaging) rays of the summer sun out of your car's interior.

Silver Swatch Weather Buster – Silver

With its space-age polyester fabric, the silver WeatherBuster has been laminated with a silver aluminum Mylar film developed for the space program and widely used as a thermal barrier in consumer, industrial and aerospace applications where insulation and heat reflection are critical.

Even if you install your WeatherBuster over a wet windshield and the temperature drops to freezing, the fabric will not stick or crack.

The WeatherBuster™ Advantage

To see how the WeatherBuster protected against the heat, we tested it alongside interior windshield sunscreens. In our laboratory we measured heat build in a test chamber for over 35 minutes. The results:

No Cover (baseline) 40°F  
Cardboard (Inside) 36°F 10.0% Efficient
WeatherBuster – White (Outside) 27°F 32.5% Efficient
WeatherBuster – Silver (Outside) 8°F 80.0% Efficient

While the Silver version of our WeatherBuster provides superior protection from sun exposure than even our White WeatherBuster, both WeatherBusters still perform 100% in frost and winter conditions. You'll soon be able to add your favorite sports logo the WeatherBuster. Check back soon for more information.