Warn ATV Winches

WARN RT Series Winches

The RT Rugged Terrain series of winches are made for the person who uses their power sports vehicle as a tool to get a job done. From clearing a downed tree on the trail or moving a heavy load on the farm, pulling that prize deer out of the field or getting to a prime hunting spot - the RT series winches are going to help you get the job done right.

Rated Line Pull: 1500 lbs. 2500 lbs. 3000 lbs. 4000 lbs.
Motor: 12V DC .4hp 12V DC .9hp 12V DC .9hp 12V DC 1.5hp
Gear Ratio: 103:1 154:1 154:1 136:1
Clutch (free spooling): Cam activated Sliding pin and ring rear Sliding pin and ring rear Sliding pin and ring rear
Brake: disc brake disc brake disc brake roller disc
Drum Diameter/Length:  1.5"/3.0" 2.0"/2.9" 2.0"/2.9" 2.0"/4.7"
Fairlead:  Hawse Roller Roller Roller
Rope: 50' Wire 5/32" diameter 50' Wire 3/16" diameter 50' Wire 3/16" diameter 50' Wire 7/32" Diameter
Recommended Battery: 12 Amp/hour min. 12 Amp/hour min. 12/Amp/hour min. 500 CCA min.
Battery Leads:  10 gauge 8 gauge 6 gauge 6 gauge
Dimensions: 10.3"L x 4.0"D x 4.56"H 13.12"L x 4.51"D x 4.69"H 13.12"L x 4.51"D x 4.69"H 14.42"L x 4.51"D x 4.69"H
Weight:  11.5 lbs. 15.6 lbs. 15.6 lbs. 14.4 lbs.
Designed For: ATV's under 300CC ATV's 300CC and up ATV's 500CC and up UTV's

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Warn RT Series ATV Winches

Warn Wireless Control System

Warn Wireless Control System

This all-new Wireless Control System is designed from the ground up to suit your needs, and works with WARN® power sports winches. The system is quick and easy to install, thanks to a wiring harness with an integrated antenna, and all necessary mounting hardware. The system allows you to operate your winch from anywhere within a 50' radius, increasing
your recovery options.


  • Operates your winch from anywhere within a 50' radius
  • Wiring harness with built-in antenna and all necessary hardware allows for quick and easy installation
  • Activation process and recessed buttons prevent accidental winch activation
  • Two color led indicates when the system has powered on (green) and when the system has begun winching (red). Blinking red indicates low battery life.
  • System automatically powers off to conserve battery life.
  • Rugged, waterproof receiver ignores interference from other signals
  • Ergonomically designed handheld remote has large buttons for easy use - even when wearing gloves
  • Works at all vehicle voltage levels that allow winch operation
  • All components are weatherproof
  • Handlebar-mounted holster keeps the handheld remote at the ready

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Wireless Control System : $127.00

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