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Swing Case
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• 5-minute installation -- 6 self-tapping screws included

• Totally removable for complete access to truck bed

• Totally portable -- take your Swing Case & content for work or play

• Allows for 3-inch clearance above truck bed --- Swing Case "swings" over materials

• Lockable lid to keep your belongings safe

• Quick-release latch allows case to swing-out to you; swings back into locking position

• Moisture seal to keep tools dry and ready to use

• Holds up to 75-pounds of tools or cargo

• Convenient sliding tool tray

• "Mirrored" Swing Case model available for other side of truck bed

• A versatile tool box even with cup holders -- you may find your own convenient use for!

• The UnderCover Swing Case -- the only swinging, removable, portable utility case for trucks on the market. Swing Away, Work or Play! New from UnderCover!

• Works with all tonneau covers: soft, hard, folding, rolling

• Swings out to nearly 180-degrees for easy tailgate access

• Lightweight -- made of the same rugged UnderCover® Tonneau ABS material

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NOTE: The SwingCase will work with most tonneau covers on the market. Unfortunately there are a handful of tonneau covers that it will not work with. Below is a list covers that we believe, on most applications, will not work with a SwingCase. This is not a complete list, there may still be a few that will not work.

Note: To ensure that you receive the correct part for your vehicle please complete the checkout form in its entirety.
Chevy Passenger/Drive Side
Ford Passenger/Drive Side
Dodge Passenger/Drive Side
Toyota Passenger/Drive Side
Nissan Passenger/Drive Side
Note 1) Classic Body Style. Excludes All Stepside Models.
Note 2) Excludes 2000-2004 Super Crew Heritage and Flareside