Truxedo Tonneau Covers

TruXedo Tonneau Covers

TruXedo Tonneau Covers

Truxedo Sentry
Truxedo Sentry
Truxedo Sentry CT
Truxedo Sentry CT
Truxedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover
TruXedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover
Truxedo Edge Tonneau Cover
TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover
Truxedo Deuce
TruXedo Deuce Tonneau Cover
Truxedo Lo-Pro Tonneau Cover
TruXedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover
Truxedo Truxport
TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover
Truxedo B-Light
Truxedo B-Light
Truxedo TonneauMate
TruXedo Tonneau Mate

About TruXedo

Truxedo has been in business for over 50 years! Starting in 1953 as a shoe repair business and evolving into a tarping business over time Truxedo has evolved into one of the best Tonneau Cover manufacturers in the world. In 2000, Truxedo introduced the Original Truxedo Tonneau Cover and have grown their product line over time with products including the following:

Truxedo Lo Pro QT – The #1 selling soft roll-up bed cover in America. It comes with a lifetime warranty and side and corner sealing that protect the cargo in your truck bed.

Truxedo Deuce – Is a soft roll-up tonneau cover with hinged access to the front of the bed. It has a sleek low profile look and is great for those who need quick access to their bed.

Truxedo Edge – Has a new cutting edge aerodynamic cover design that is will give you a stylish look for your tonneau cover.

TonneauTraX – This Tonneau Cover comes with a complete cargo management system. It's strong and installs with a heavy duty clamping system.

Harley Davidson Lo Pro – Has all of the features of the Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover with the Harley Davidson logo to add that extra touch of class to your truck.

Truxport - Is Truxedo's economical soft roll-up tonneau cover that works well in all weather conditions. With so many options out there for those looking to purchase a tonneau cover; Truxedo has the product line and quality to please even the biggest truck enthusiast.

Here is a full history of Truxedo business:

1953 The company starts out as a shoe repair business. Edward Shorma opens his "Wahpeton Shoe Hospital" in the basement of a clothing store in the small Midwestern town of Wahpeton, North Dakota . Shoe repair spawns tarp repair, then new tarps, tractor seat repair, new tractor seats and repair/replacement of swather belts.

1969 The company moves to a remodeled seed and feed building and enters into the wood business. A growing demand for the wooden cleats on swather belts results in the creation of Wahpeton Canvas Company - and a whole new line of products.

1973 The company's 40-person work force presses the limits of its downtown location. A new steel building is constructed north of town, with such luxuries as a loading dock, office space and a steel fabrication shop.

1975 In just a few years, the company has expanded to producing original equipment seats, campstools, cots and veneer-wrapped wood for interior and exterior house trim.

1980 The Original Shur-Lok® Roll Tarp is born.

1992 Ed Shorma's children purchase the truck cover division of Wahpeton Canvas Company from their father and relocate it to Yankton, South Dakota. The move allows Ed to expand the wood division in Wahpeton and positions the Yankton plant for increased growth.

1996 A name change more closely identifies the company - now Shur-Co.® – with its most successful product, the Shur-Lok® Roll Tarp.

2000 The Original TruXedo® is introduced.

2003 Shur-Co.® is chosen South Dakota Family Business of the Year. Loyal customers, a state-of-the-art facility, short lead times and quality products, plus eight nationwide locations make Shur-Co.® the largest tarp-manufacturing company in the U.S. and all of North America .

2003 the TruXedo® Lo Pro is introduced to our line of products.

2005 Shur-Co.® introduces the TruXport™ tonneau cover.