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Truck Bedz
Inflatable Truck Bed Mattress

Truck Bedz - Truck Bed Mattress
Air Pump Included
Air Pump Included

Truck Bedz - Inflatable Truck Bed Mattress

Truck-Bedz offers the best solution for the active outdoor enthusiasts sleeping in the back of their pickup truck. Our Truck-bedz are designed to fit around the wheel wells of your truck, maximizing your sleeping comfort!

Truck-bedz are offered in two types of materials to serve different types of outdoor enthusiasts.

The original “Expedition” series is a very tough, abrasion resistant product that is made of nylon cloth coated with urethane, just like a high-end backpack.

The “Weekender” series uses a thick, flocked, high grade, cold weather resistant, PVC vinyl to create a more economical line of Truck-bedz for the weekend warrior.

Both series offer high volume, 2 stage boat valves, rather than the flimsy plug or pinch valves used on most air mattresses.

  • The best night's sleep you'll ever have in a pickup truck
  • Air-pump included
  • Highly durable puncture resistant contruction


  • Full Size Long Bed - 96"Length, 64" Width, 49" Wheelwell
  • Full Size Short Bed - 78" Length, 64" Width, 49" Wheelwell
  • Compact Long Bed - 84" Length, 56" Width, 40" Wheelwell
  • Compact Short Bed - 74" Length, 56" Width, 40" Wheelwell


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