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super swamper
Super Swamper TSL

Not all tires are available in black wall and white wall please call a sales person to confirm 1-859-231-8120.

Super Swamper TSL:

The Super Swamper TSL with the patented 3 stage lug tread design offers unsurpassed traction under the toughest conditions. Nine years of developing and testing produced the ultimate tire tread design. Short, intermediate and long massive lugs are uniquely arranged, each proportioned and spaced to bite quickly and to self-clean rapidly. The overall design gives todays on and off road driver a tire that is both directionally and laterally stable; unmatched in performance. This is an extremely aggressive design that requires strict attention to air pressure when run on the highway.

Part # Size
SAM-06 28x8.50-14
SAM-12 31x10.50-15
SAM-13 33x12.50-15
SAM-14 34x9.50-15
SAM-17 13/33-16
SAM-19 33x12.50-16.5
SAM-21 9/34-16
SAM-22 34x9.50-16.5
SAM-23 15/42-15
SAM-24 15/42-16.5LT
SAM-25 29x8.50-15
SAM-26 36x12.50-15
SAM-27 13/36-16
SAM-28 36x12.50-16.5
SAM-32 15/35-15
SAM-33 15/35-16.5
SAM-34 15/39.5-15
SAM-35 15/39.5-16.5
SAM-36 16/38.5-15
SAM-37 16/38.5-16.5
SAM-38 32x9.50-15
SAM-39 9/32-16
SAM-41 15/35-16.5
SAM-42 18.5x44-15
SAM-43 18.5/44-16.5
SAM-52 Q78-15
SAM-53 Q78-16
SAM-61 38x12.5-15LT
SAM-64 15/39.5-17LT
SAM-94 38x12.50-15
SAM-95 13/38-16
SAM-96 38x12.50-16.5
SAM-71 15/39.5-16.5
SAM-86 36.12.5-16LT
S-203 32/12.00-15
S-204 32/12.00-16.5
SAM-40 32/9.00-16
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