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Skyjacker Suspension for Ford Explorer - 4in Lift Shown

Skyjacker 4" & 6" Lift Kits and Systems Options
For 90-94 Explorer 2WD or 4WD

The sky’s the limit when you go high-profile with your truck or SUV! The Skyjacker Complete Lift Kit pushes ground clearance and aggressive looks to new heights, letting you conquer on or off-road obstacles with confidence.

Skyjacker puts everything but the shocks into one complete kit for that good kind of “jacked up." Springs, brackets, crossmembers, hardware and more—all parts are crafted to last, designed to preserve smooth riding and are backed by Skyjacker’s reputation of reliability.

Installing the “bear of suspensions" isn’t much of a bear at all. Clear a nice spot at your garage, invite a couple buddies and grab your tools—or let a pro take on the job. Thanks to Skyjacker’s “No Destruction Required" design, there are no iffy steps in their custom instructions. And, you can go back to stock height later—if you really want.

Skyjacker #132EXK - Kit w/ Add-A-Leafs
For 90-94 Explorer 2WD or 4WD

  • 132EXK - Installation Instructions N/A
90-94 EXPLORER 4WD (2 Door & 4 Door) Kit 1.5-2in Lift Order
1.5-2in Lift With Add-A-Leafs 132EXK $247.58

Steering Stabilizer
Single: $65.17
Dual: $152.09

Front Shocks
HYDRO 7000: $98.72
NITRO 7000: $117.26
Monotube 7000: $190.00

Rear Shocks
HYDRO 7000: $98.72
NITRO 8000: $117.26
Monotube 7000: $190.00

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