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Skyjacker Lift Kits for 94-99 3/4 & 1 Ton Ram V10/Cummins Engine w/ 3in. Wide Rear Springs

Skyjacker Suspension
For 94-99 3/4 & 1 Ton Ram 4WD w/ V10/Cummins Engine and 3" Wide Rear Springs

Polyurethane Skyjacker® carries a very large line of Polyurethane products to fit your vehicle’s needs. The list includes Bump Stops, Bushings, Cab Mount Kits, Clearance Kits, and an array of Bushings (Spring Eye, Frame Shackle, Radius Arm, Track Bar, Caster) for various applications, makes and models. Polyurethane is a superior material that has a higher load-bearing capacity and can better resist the dynamic torque-like twisting and turning forces of suspension components as they go through their normal operation\travel movements. It is also an improved sound\vibration dampening material.

94-99 3/4 & 1 Ton Ram 4WD For models with V10/Cummins Engine equipped with 3" Wide Rear Springs 2" Lift Order
2" Lift POLYURETHANE VALUE KIT Polyurethane Spacers with rear Add-A-Leafs D25PK $352.46

Steering Stabilizer
OEM: $45

Front Shocks
Hydro 7000:$98.72
Nitro 8000:$117.26
Mono Tube: 139.95

Rear Shocks
Hydro 7000:$98.72
Nitro 8000:$117.26
Mono Tube:$139.95

Skyjacker 2 inch Poly Value Kit

The Polyurethane Kit for Dodge trucks includes Polyurethane Spacers for the front and Add-A-Leafs for the rear for an affordable Kit with a simple installation.


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