Paramount Restyling

Paramount Restyling

Contractor Rack by Paramount
Fits ONLY fullsize pickups
NO mid size trucks

Contractor Rack

Professional Racks for Working Trucks impressive strength, elegant design, and ease of installation. Our racks come complete with more standard features than anyone else making them the best combination of value and performance in the industry. Paramount Restyling line of professional racks is the only choice for the working professional.

  • Our no-drill option makes it easy to install, no drilling or cutting is required
  • Also includes all necessary hardware for permanent-mount installation
  • Rack can be removed in minutes for full and complete access to the truck bed
  • Permanent mount installation allows use of most popular cross-over tool-boxes
  • Fits all full-size pickups with short-bed and long-bed

Part #: 18601

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