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MileMarker Winches:

Hydraulic winches
Hydraulic Winch Systems

Hydraulic Winches: "Continuous Power - Continuous Pull"

The Legendary Mile Marker Hydraulic Winch System utilizes the vehicle’s OEM power steering pump as its power source.  Used in all types of vehicles, under every condition, from 50 below to 135 degrees above, the power steering pump must perform for years without service or adjustment. It has to withstand every type of abuse without failure. Having a built-in governor (the pressure relief valve), it is impossible to overload or overwork the pump. This is why harnessing the hydraulic power steering pump has become the best choice for continuous pull recovery power! 


Electric Winch
Electric Winch Systems

Electric Winch Systems: "Tougher - Stronger - Smarter"

THE BEST VALUE IN RECOVERY! From 2,500 to 15,000 pounds, Mile Marker has an electric recovery winch to handle every job imaginable. Mile Marker designs electric winches with industry-leading performance at a price that won’t leave you stuck in the woods. Faster line speeds, lower amp draw, and features like our Integrated Kill Switch and “No Chrome Construction” are some of the characteristics that make up the Mile Marker difference. See for yourself.  Buy a Mile Market Electric Winch online today or call us at 1-859-231-8120 and speak to a customer service specialist.

ATV Winches
ATV / UTV Winch Systems

ATV Winching Systems: "Big Things - Small Package"

Mile Marker’s ATV and UTV trail rated winches offer expedition grade strength and reliability. 
They contain a high speed planetary gear system and all metal construction in a more traditional package. These bantam size work-horses will keep you out of trouble and on your way.  So, go off-roading in style and know that you will be able to pull yourself out of any situation.


Winch Mounts And Accessories:

Winch wireless remote control
Wireless Remote Control
winch accessories
Winch Accessories