Mile Marker
MileMarker Hydraulic Winch Systems

H-Series Hydraulic Winch Line:

H9000 Hydraulic Winch
H12000 Hydraulic Winch

The Mile Marker H Series Hydraulic Winch will deliver the power you need when you need it.  It can be mounted to the front or rear of the vehicle as a permanent or detachable recovery system. This system is independent from its solenoid control valve to give more freedom in mounting options and vehicle application. The installation of one of the H Series models (H9000 and H12000) requires a vehicle specific 34-Series valve adapter kit.

HI-Series Hydraulic Winch Line:

HI9000 Winch

The Mile Marker HI Series Hydraulic Winch was intended for permanent mounting in the front or rear of a vehicle. The solenoid control valve is integrated into the winch body, and therefore always remains in the same location as the winch itself. These systems include all necessary hoses, solenoid control valve, remote control, roller fairlead with fasteners, and winch cable. To adapt to your vehicle’s power steering pump, the HI Series winches (HI9000) require a vehicle specific 35-series vehicle adapter kit.