Air Filters
K & N 1 Million Mile Warranty
warranty The Warranty:
ll K & N Filtercharger replacement air filter elements - as specified below - are warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one million miles or ten years. whichever comes first.

What is Warranted:

Any Filtercharger air filter element specifed for a used as an OEM replacement element; i.e. K & N part numbers in the E-0000 - E-2000 and 33-0000 series and motorcycle original equipment replacement elements, except those units sold for dual purpose and/or off-road use.

Who is covered by Warranty:
The original purchaser of a Filtercharger who has returned a warranty registration card to K & N and provide all the requested information.

What is not Warranted:

Any Filtercharger air filter used for any type of racing or competition, any off-road use, custom or modified applications, any non-legal highway use, marine, aircraft or industrial applications. (These units are covered by a one year unlimited mileage warranty.)

What voids the Warranty:
  1. Incorrect service:The Filter Charger element must be cleaned and service with K & N cleaner and air filter oil per the perscribed routine maintenance procedure as outlined in the product literature that accompanies the Filtercharger.
  2. No Warranty Registration Card on File: Purchaser must send the complete Warranty Registration Card to K & N Engineering, Inc. at time of purchase.
  3. No Proof of Purchase: At time of warranty claim, buyer must provide proof of purchase (original receipt or invoice).
  4. Incorrect Use: Any damaged, abused or modified Filtercharger with not be warrated.