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Fabtech Performance Suspension
Performance Suspensions

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Fabtech Suspension
6" Performance System
07-11 GM K1500 Crew Cab Pickup 6":
A: Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilover
B: Reduced Offset Steering Knuckes
C: High Arched Lower Control Arm Crossmembers
D: Differential Skid Plate
E: Strablitrac Compatible Design
F: Crossmember Braces w/Impact Struts
G: Sway Bar Drop Brackets

Fabtech Suspension
6" Basic System

Fabtech Suspension 6" Performance w/Dirt Logic 2.5

07-13 GM K1500 Crew Cab Pick Up 6” Basic and Performance System:
Fabtech announces the release of our 6” Suspension systems for the new T900 platform 07-13 GM 1500 Pick Ups. Starting with our industry leading crossmember and spindle technology, Fabtech pushes the envelope with superior ride height to properly clear 35” tall tires. Extensive design work was given to the extended length steering knuckles to keep the track width near stock with superior turning radius for maneuverability in tight spots. Lower control arm crossmembers are strengthened with cross tubes backed up by tubular frame struts to distribute front suspension impact loads. The front differential is protected with a tightly formed 1/4” thick steel skid plate. Rear suspension lift is accomplished via a block and add a leaf system.With two systems available, the Basic system features all the above componentry with a front coilover spacer system utilizing the factory coilover assembly for a stock like ride. The Performance system also offers the same componentry but with an upgrade to the Dirt Logic 2.5 or Dirt Logic 4.0 Adjustable Coilover shock in place of the factory front coilover assembly. Rear shock options include Performance shocks or Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks. Both systems have been properly designed to work with the factory Stabilitrak® safety functions without reprogramming of the vehicle’s computer.


  • Integrated Lower Control Arm Crossmembers includes Differential Skid Plate
  • Offset Ductile Iron Steering knuckles retain stock like track width
  • Includes crossmember cross tubes and impact struts to distribute front suspension impact loads through frame
  • No disassembly of factory coilover assembly required for installation
  • Systems compatible with factory Stabilitrak® models
  • Rack and Pinion is retained in stock position
2" Leveling System (Notes: 4)
2007 GM K1500 Crew Cab Pick Up: $158.52
6" Basic System (Notes: 2,5)
07-13 GM K1500 Crew Cab Pick Up w/Performance Shocks: $2256.14
6" Performance System w/Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilovers (Notes: 2,5)
07-13 GM K1500 Crew Cab Pick Up w/Dirt Logic Shocks: $3870.65
6" Performance System w/Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilovers (Notes: 2,5)
07-13 GM K1500 Crew Cab Pick Up w/Dirt Logic Shocks: $4524.11

(2) - Does not fit models with factory Auto Ride
(3) - Will not work with Dirt Logic 4.0
(4) - Some models may not be level after install
(5) - Crew Cab 5.3L and 6.0L Only. Call for other apps.
(6) - For use with 6" Basic and 2.5 Systems Only