Reach E-Z

The reason you purchased a truck is for cargo space - so use it!

With a Reach E-Z everything in your pickup bed is where it should be...because you can easily reach it from behind the tailgate. The simplest, most effective, and affordable way to utilize the entire cargo space in your pickup.

A Reach E-Z is very useful for loading items when the box is full. It allows you to arrange individual items and push them to the front making efficient use of your cargo space.

Constructed from light weight materials, weighs just over 1 lb., and will easily handle objects over 100 lbs.

No more rolling up or crawling under your pickup's bed cover to retrieve cargo.

No more dirty clothes from leaning over the side of your truck or tailgate.

No more dust collectors left in the front of your box for days/weeks/months...

No more spending $50-$200 on devices to keep cargo at the rear of your bed

No more climbing in your pickup bed to get items!

Installation is easy!
Simply bolt storage clip to a convenient location in the bed of your pickup truck.

Also great for:
Vans, Suburbans, & SUVs
Hanging holiday decorations
Cleaning rain gutters
Landing boats
Anything you can't quite reach...

The tip of the Reach E-Z...
...is extremely effective at hooking into cardboard and catching the plastic lips on the bottoms of buckets and other plastic storage devices.

Reach E-Z

Reach E-Z close up

Reach E-Z in action 1

Reach E-Z in action 2

Reach E-Z in action 3
Reach E-Z size

Reach E-Z bed mounts
DU-HA Reach E-Z: $31.45