DualLiner Dual Comp Bed Liner
DualLiner Bed Liners

DualLiner Bed Liner
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Step 1 - Install the loadguard
Step 1
Install the loadguard
Step 2 - Install the side panels
Step 2
Install both side panels
Step 3 - Unroll mat and fit into channel on bottom of the sides and loadguard Step 3
Unroll mat, insert into channels on sides & loadguard
Step 4 - Install the tailgate piece
Step 4
Install the tailgate piece
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DualLiner Bed Liner
Protect your truck and cargo

Now your entire cargo area can be lined with a soft, cushioned rubber material that gives even more protection than spray-on and roll-on bedliners. The DualLiner is not only more resistant to skidding than hard liners, but it's also less abrasive to your bed's paint underneath. And because the custom fit retains the use of your bed's tie downs and load dividers, you still retain all the utility features your truck's bed was designed with. The interlocking soft rubber bed mat material soaks up dents and scrapes while preventing heavy loads from sliding around in the bed, damaging the walls and other items being carried. The molded polymer sides and tough rubber mat protects your beds paint from dents and scratching and prevents rusting. It installs in minutes and removes just as quickly. Includes rubber bed mat, molded tailgate protector and molded polymer sides and front.

Truck Protection
DualLiner™ protects your truck from dents and dings from even your must rugged cargo.

Paint Protection
DualLiner™ won't trap water or dirt, and you won't have to damage your truck bed to install it.

Yes... ZeroSkid®, not just skid-resistant. DualLiner's rubber floor means your cargo stays put. You don't have to worry about the cargo smashing into your cab window or flying off your truck.

Cargo Protection
Our patented dual technology bed protection system integrates hard sidewalls and ZeroSkid™ floor.

Made in U.S.A.
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PLEASE NOTE: Long bed applications will have a $100.00 oversized fee.


Is it harder to load my truck with a DualLiner?
If you are trying to slide something across the bedliner - YES. But that is the point of the DualLiner’s design. A bedliner needs to protect a truck during 2 operations.

  • First, most loading damage is caused by dents (from bumping into the bed) and scratches (from sliding across the floor). Impact resistance of a DualLiner far exceeds the limited dent protection of a spray-in. Your DualLiner will resist sliding and is thicker than any other bedliner - complete scratch avoidance.
  • Second, and where most truck damage occurs, is transit damage - your cargo sliding and slamming around the bed as you travel. With the ZeroSkid® floor of the DualLiner there is no sliding, so there is no slamming. No other bedliner comes close!!!

In the end, you spend minutes loading and hours driving. Give yourself the best protection available for both!

Is it a no-drill application?
The load guard and side pieces are held in place by the existing factory cleats and push-in automotive fasteners that do not require drilling. The tailgate is held in place by the existing factory bolts and/or screws and push-in automotive fasteners that do need to have a quarter-inch hole drilled for them. To eliminate rust issues, a blister pack of professional rust inhibitor is included.

How long does installation take?
Installation normally takes 15 to 30 minutes

The local spray-in dealer told me to beware of water getting into the bed without a spray liner. Does water get under the mat? And does it cause rust issues?
The truck manufacturers have spent millions of dollars on perfecting paints for vehicles. Just like the outside of your truck, the bed is designed to shed water. Your DualLiner does not interfere with the drainage holes provided by the factory. In contrast, a spray-in liner requires your paint to be sanded for proper adhesion (like any other paint), effectively destroying the integrity of the factory paint - and voiding the factory paint warranty. Rust could form if you damage the paint in the bed. However, the DualLiner provides better protection than any other bedliner.

Does water drain or collect under the mat?
The mat has bumps on the bottom to keep the mat off of the paint and allows water to run out of the factory drain holes.

Can the DualLiner be used with caps or tonneau covers?
Yes, DualLiner bedliners have slots cut into the top (out of view) to allow for the use of clamps. Most caps and tonneau covers can be placed over the bulkhead piece without an issue. If a better fit is desired the lip can be cut off using a saw or utility knife. Please use appropriate safeguards when using these, and all tools

Will the DualLiner scratch my paint?
DualLiners are designed to fit tight to the sheet metal. This does not allow air to get behind the liner and cause chafing like a drop-in bedliner.

Do I have to be concerned about static charges building up around gas cans?
The safest way to fill a gas can is off the truck. However, the floor of the DualLiner is an insulator and will not carry a static charge. All other bedliners can build and carry a static charge - especially when a plastic gas can slides during transit.

Will the bedliner fade or chalk with exposure to the sun, or time?
No, the suns rays will not turn the DualLiner sides chalky. The polyethylene contains UV resistant chemicals to ensure that your liner stays black without the need of additional color refreshing treatments. The rubber mat also has a high carbon black content that prevents fading.

Is the floor a skid-resistant surface?
Yes, the rubber floor is a ZeroSkid® surface that no other bedliner can come close to matching. A secondary benefit of DualLiner’s ZeroSkid® floor is that it provides better dent protection than any other bedliner.

I just got my Dodge bedliner and there is no cap on the tailgate. Is it missing?
No, because a large number of the Dodge trucks come from the factory with a cap on the tailgate, we do not include one in that application.

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