Bully Dog
Bully Rapid Flow Intakes

Bully Dog Enclosed Powder Coated Steel RFI Air Intakes
Bully Dog Enclosed Powder Coated Steel RFI Air Intakes
Bully Dog Enclosed Powder Coated Steel RFI Air Intakes

Rapid Flow Induction Air Intakes:

This fully enclosed air intake system is designed to keep hot air out of the intake air stream. This intake seals tightly against cold air sources from within the engine bay, which ensures an improvement in performance and efficiency. Through real world and user testing Bully Dog has proven that an enclosed intake system alone with a high flow cotton gauze filter will yield better air flow and colder intake temperatures than a stock system and an aftermarket open intake design. Our result proves that this is a superior intake system.

  • More Horsepower and Torque
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Target Cold Air Sources Within the Engine Bay
  • Lower Intake Temperatures than Stock
  • Easy Installation, Less than 30 minutes
  • Easy to Remove Lid for Air Filter Maintenance
  • Lifetime Cleanable and Reusable Air Filter

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  • Captures dirt and dust particles as small as .5 micron
  • Reusable - no longer necessary to spend hard earned money on filters
  • Improves acceleration and fuel mileage
  • Increases air flow, lowers exhaust gas temperatures.


Maximize Air Filter Cleaning Area
By using a conical air filter you can maximize the air filter cleaning area and allow the engine to breath easier giving you more horsepower.

Lifetime Reusable Gauze Filter
All RFI inductions use a lifetime reusable four layer cotton gauze filter that features an inverted cone design on the end of the filter. This unique design creates a greater surface area of filter media that enables it to trap dust particles as small as .50 micron.

Ideal for Performance Use
A greater surface area of filter media, combined with the RFI’s deep pleat design, makes this filter ideal for high performance use.

Easy Installation
The installation of these systems is extremely easy and requires only basic hand tools.

The Rapid Flow Induction works exceptionally well in conjunction with performance modules. The modules increase the amount of fuel going into the motor and create a need for increased air flow to lower exhaust temperatures. The end result is improved driveability, fuel mileage, and acceleration.

Featured Design
The design of the air box draws cold air in, resulting in better performance.