Bully Dog
Bully Dog Speedometer Calibration

& Diagnostic Tool

Bully Spedometer Calibration and Diagnostic Tool

Bully Dog Speedometer Calibration & Diagnostic Tool

Industry reports show that some 70% of new truck buyers upgrade to larger wheels and tires. Once this is done the trucks speedometer and odometer reads incorrect. The result is the risk of speeding tickets and inaccurate vehicle mileage.

With Bully's new Speedometer Calibration and Diagnostic Tool, rectifying this problem is quick and easy. Stay one step ahead of the competition!


  • Entire process takes less than 15 minutes per vehicle
  • Easy 3 step installation
  • Calibrate OEM Speedometer for Larger/Smaller Tires and wheels
  • Read and erase Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Corrects OEM Odometer
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Bully Dog
#40550 - Speedometer Calibration and Diagnostic Tool: $611.99