Baja Champions by Bully
Cab-Top Light Mount

Bully Baja Champions Cab Top Light Mount
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Cab Top Light Mount
Baja Champions by Bully - CTLM Cab-Top Light Mount

Sturdy, Strong, Secure & Convenient

With the introduction of the CTLM Cab-Top Light Mount from Baja Champions by Bully, you can mount lights, antennas, speakers, utility & any other exterior electronics easily in minutes with no need to drill unnecessary holes in your truck cab. The CTLM is made from durable anodized cast aluminum and is designed to securely mount directly into the 3rd brake light recess with no conflicts to the functionality of your 3rd brake light.

Cab-Top Light Mount

Step 1 Step 1: Remove 3rd Brake Light Step 2 Step 2: Insert backing plate into hole
Step 3 Step 3: The outside mounting plate aligns exactly to factory recessed hole
(Four corner bolts sandwiches cab snug between the 2 plates)
Step 4 Step 4: All wires are routed inside the cab with no drilling
Step 5 Step 5: Re-mount 3rd brake light