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Bestop Trektop NX Fast Back Styling with Removable Windows

  • Kit includes soft top fabric, door surrounds, removable windows, windshield channel, tailgate bar and Sunrider feature.
  • The Trektop NX is two tops in one! You can use it as a full top or by removing the side and rear windows, you can then have a Safari top.
  • Fabric is made of tough, multi-ply, premium-grade Sailcloth fabric that dramatically reduces outside noise and enhances insulation for a more comfortable ride.
  • Hardware is made of high strength steel and engineered thermoplastic polymer.
  • Built in sunroof option allows for open air driving.
  • Zip out curtains come with tinted DOT approved windows.
  • Features Top Arch bar in all Wrangler applications that spans over the driver seat to keep top tight. Perfect for increased protection from snow and heavy rain.
  • Two Year Warranty.
Bestop Trektop NX
Trektop NX TJ Trektop Jeep Wrangler TJ Safari Option
Trektop for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ's. Zip out side curtains come with DOT approved windows.
Trektop NX Jeep Wrangler JK Trektop Jeep Wrangler JK Safari Option
Trektop for 07-11 Jeep Wrangler JK Both 2-door and 4-door tops are available. JK Model with side windows and rear window removed.
Trektop Tensioning Straps Trektop Rear Tensioning Bar Trecktop Belt Rail System
Rear tensioning bar. Install fabric by tucking it into the existing Belt-Rail systen on included door surrounds.
TrekTop NX Top Arch Trektop NX Sunroof Option
Tensioning strap pulls on tensioning bar and attaches to back of vehicle tub as shown here. Included Top Arch helps keep water from puddling up on your top. Sunroof option is achieved by releasing the header channel from the vehicle.