Bed Rug Bed Liner
Bed Rug Truck Bed Liner

BedRug by Wise Industries is the ultimate in truck bed protection. Finally an ALL-PLASTIC liner that maximizes the use of your pickup! BedRug beats hard liners and spray-on liners for hardworking performance. Check out the information below to learn more.

Bedrug Carpet Bed Liner

Bedrug Bed Liner:

  • Rugged, weatherproof plastic construction.
  • Your cargo rides on a nonskid surface.
  • Tough protection for any truck bed.
  • A firm cushion for fragile cargo.
  • Prevents dents and dings
  • Ideal for sporting or boating equipment, hunting gear, golf clubs.
  • Molded foam bottom will not scratch your truck bed like hard liners do.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy Installation, fits like a glove.

BedRug floors, walls, tailgates and bulkheads are heat and pressure molded specifically to fit each truck model. Precision die-cutting to rigid factory specifications assure that a BedRug fits like a glove! All bed features such as: 2 tier loading, load locking slots, & tie down devices remain usable.

Bedrug Carpet Bed Liner


Bedrug Carpet Bed Liner


Bedrug Carpet Bed Liner


bedrug comfortable Comfort:
The plastic foam backing is molded to conform exactly to the floor ribs. This creates a flat cushioned floor that is very "knee friendly." When kneeling, sitting, or lying on floor, you almost do not feel the floor ribs. Wonderful for outdoor activities, sporting events and makes a great sleeping surface for camping.

bedrug waterproof Waterproof and Stain Resistant:
Water is not absorbed by the closed-cell foam bottom. Any spill or stain remains on the stain-resistant plastic fiber surface for easy cleaning.

bedrug truck bed carpet

Acid, Grease and Chemical Proof:

  • The solid plastic polymer fiber can not be permanently marked by transmission fluid, oil, grease or gasoline.
  • Acids, solvents, chemical compounds, or petroleum products will not damage the carpet-like plastic fiber surface or foam bottom.
  • The closed-cell foam bottom will not soak up ANY liquid.

Bedrug Bed Liner

Easy to clean!:

  • Drink spills and pet accidents will not penetrate either the foam or the plastic fiber surface, simply blot them up with paper towels or other absorbent material.
  • Dirt and spills can be cleaned with soap and water using a garden hose or high pressure washer with detergent soap.
  • Oil, grease, spills, and stains, can easily be washed out with soap and water from a garden hose or high pressure washer.
  • Dry dirt, dust, scraps, or shavings can easily be cleaned with a shop or household vacuum.
  • Odors cannot be absorbed and absolutely will not linger after all odor holding particles are flushed from the carpet.


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