Bedrug | Cargo Mats

VanRug Cargo Mat Photos:
BedRug Available for:
  • Chevy Cargo Vans
  • GMC Cargo Vans
  • Ford Cargo Vans
VanRug Cargo Mats are available for Chevy/GMC and Ford Cargo Vans. Each mat is die cut and has 3/4" form-fitted foam backing to match the interior floor ribs of the van for a smooth consistent flat finish. Looks and feels like carpet, yet designed for heavy duty use. VanRug is stain resistant and holds up to harsh chemicals such as gas, oil and even acid and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Acts as a heat and noise insulator and provides an ultra tough anti-skid surface. With installation in under 10 minutes, your van can have an immediate, like-new appearance!

  • 100% Polypropylene - Ultra Tough Work Surface
  • Looks And Feels Like Carpet
  • Superior Comfort - Cushioned Knee Friendly Surface
  • Slip And Skid Resistant Fiber Surface
  • Bleach, Battery Acid, Oil And Gas Wash Right Off
  • Heat And Noise Insulator
  • Fits Under Door Step/Rear Plastic Shroud
  • Lifetime Warranty
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