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Bak RollBak Tonneau Covers
The Heavy Duty, Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Cover

Bak RollBAK Tonneau Cover
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Bak RollBAK Tonneau Cover
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Bak RollBAK Tonneau Cover
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The RollBak Rolling Tonneau Cover is today's most exciting and innovative tonneau cover. This retractable cover is made from heavy-gauged aluminum panels with a durable power-coat finish. Installation is a snap with clamp-on mounting, which means no drilling is necessary.

The RollBak Tonneau Cover is constructed with the strongest and thickest aluminum and is capable of supporting 400 lbs. This cover turns your truck bed into a secure armored trunk. If you are looking for an extremely tough, good-looking, secure truck bed cover that is amazingly versatile, then we've got the cover for you!

  • Custom designed and available for most pickup trucks Retracts effortlessly.
  • Intermittent locking positions every 12 inches.
  • Total "weather-tite" security.
  • Felt lined underside.
  • Completely concealed tamper-proof locking.
  • Low profile, flush aerodynamic design.
  • Allows access to stake pockets.
  • E-Z Glide retractable action
  • RollBak retractable bed covers are designed and built to outlast your truck.
  • Each Bak RollBak cover is made from heavy duty materials and components for optimum security, style and function.

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Exterior: Aircraft grade aluminum
Canister: Impact resistant ABS plastic
Finish: Black textured powder coat
Locks: Dual latching
Intermittent stopping: Yes
Thickness: ½ inch
Operation: Automatic spring tension
Weight rating: 500 lb. evenly distributed
Average Size canister: 9 inches
Weight of cover: 120 lb.
Maintenance: Periodic greasing of rails
Warranty: 2 years

BakFlip FiberMax Tonneau Cover
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BakFlip FiberMax Tonneau Cover
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BakFlip FiberMax Tonneau Cover
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Bak RollBAK Tonneau Cover Features

  Bak RollBak   Bak RollBak   Bak RollBak  
  Drain system in canister
The RollBak canister has a drain system that extends from sumps that are cleverly positioned below the bottom surface of the canister for superior water drainage and to prevent ice buildup in the canister.
  Clamp on design
RollBak is designed to clamp to your truck for a perfect custom fit.
  Felt lined underside
RollBak is felt lined underneath with marine grade, mildew protected felt. The Felt lined underside ensures pin-drop quiet operation. In addition the felt underside protects the top surface when the BakFlip is retracted into the canister.

Bak RollBak

Bak RollBak

  Full access to stake pockets
RollBak’s superior design ensures full access to stake pockets. This allows you to use your RollBak retractable tonneau cover with rails, tie downs and many racks.
    Optional toolbox canister lid
The RollBak has an optional toolbox canister lid that replaces the flush-mount lid. The toolbox lid for the RollBak is super strong, powder coated, lockable and perfect for accessing tools without opening the tonneau cover.

Bak Warranty Shield

BAK has a 1 year limited warranty on all products and a 2 year limited warranty on BakFlip HD.  BAK's warranty covers factory caused damage and not damage caused by consumer or by random acts of nature. 

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Free Tailgate Seal with purchase Don't Forget To Add A BakBox!
The BakBox is a collapsable cargo/tool box that snaps onto the rail of any BakBox tonneau cover. When it's installed, nobody will even know that it's there. It is sleek, unassuming and exceptionally well designed.
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Bak Industries
Bak RollBak Tonneau Covers

  • Instant Access to a Fully Open Bed: Unlock the tonneau cover and let the constant force spring automatically retract the cover into the canister, and in seconds, you now have access to virtually your entire truck bed without removing cover!
  • Full Access to Stake Hole Pockets: The cover does not interfere with Stake Hole Pockets in any way!  With this cover, you are now able to keep your Chrome Tubular Side Rails, Your Headache Rack, and your Ladder Rack, etc.  Your cover works perfectly with all of these making RollBak tonneau cover the choice of contractors industry wide.
  • Intermittent Locking Every 12 Inches: When closing your cover from the fully open position, the tonneau cover has an automatic, intermittent locking system that securely locks the cover at every 12 inch interval of the bed.  This means that if you are carrying an item or package that is higher than the rails, you can push that cargo closer to the tailgate and then partially close the cover up to that item.  This allows you to protect all other cargo when traveling. 
  • Haul Long Items:  The RollBak Tonneau Cover allows you to travel with the tailgate down and the cover closed and locked to make it easy to haul long items without opening the cover.  Simply open up the tailgate and place long items under the cover and you are ready to go!
  • No Interference with Tailgate: With the Rollbak Tonneau Cover, you can load packages into the back of the truck without opening or unlocking the tonneau.  Simply open the tailgate and put cargo inside.  Then close the tailgate securely and that?s it


  • 100% Powder Coated Aluminum: The Bak RollBak Tonneau Cover is made of 100% solid heavy duty industrial aluminum and then powder coated in a beautiful satin black finish.  This is not your old vinyl covered retractable!  It can be waxed and can be treated just like the body of your truck.
  • 400+ lb Weight Capacity: RollBak Tonneau Cover can handle over 400 lbs of weight, making it the undisputed heavy weight champ of retractable tonneau covers.
  • Hail Proof: This cover is far stronger than your truck body and even in horrible hail storms that have severely damaged trucks causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, we have never had a tonneau cover damaged by hail! 
  • Shipping Damage Virtually Impossible: The cover is shipped completely retracted (wound up) and wrapped in shrink wrap.  This tonneau cover is then placed in its rugged rounded ABS plastic canister.  This canister and cover is then blocked in styrofoam, and then packed in a rugged cardboard container and shipped that way.  So for the cover to be damaged, something would have to penetrate the box and the rigid ABS canister.  If something succeeds to penetrate this far, remember that he cover is tougher and more rigid than the the body of your truck, so it is damaged resistant again all by itself!


  • Easy and Simple Installation: None of our installations require any drilling!  All installations utilize our  "Clamp on Rail System" to ensure fast and "goof proof" installation.  However, many installations, like the Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra cover requires 2 small self tapping be installed on the inside of the each side rail at the front corners.. The front canister brackets can be clamped to the rails, avoiding holes all together.  However. the installation of these brackets are much more solid when these small tapping screws are used. At any rate...this is such tough cover, this cover should be considered to be a permanent installation. We strongly recommend using the tapping screws provided when required. 
  • Installs in Less Than 45 Minutes!: Most customers installing this cover for the first time install the cover in 30-40 minutes due to its unique "Clamp On" Rail System and Self Aligning Inner Track.
  • Installation DVD Provided with every Cover: We have produced an easy to follow, step-by-step Installation video with sound.  We have a compressed version of this video online. 


  • Elevated Canister /Smallest Canister in the Industry: Not only is our canister the smallest of any retractable tonneau cover, our canister is raised up off the floor of the truck bed, leaving approximately 1 foot of cargo space under the canister!  Our average canister size is 8.5 inches diameter, with some as small as 6.5 inches!
  • Increased Gas Mileage: Sleek low profile aerodynamic design improves gas mileage up to 11%.
  • Superb Gliding Retractable Action: With our Oversized "Constant Force" Spring, if you open the cover every single day, the spring will be good for more than 27 Years!Our spring is guaranteed for over 10,000 retractions.
  • Self Lubricating Track: RollBak Tonneau Cover's inside rails are lined with Ultra High Density Polyethylene.  This is even better than Teflon as Teflon freezes!  This material allows the cover to glide without grease and is not effected by the elements be it hot or cold so the cover will glide in and out extremely well and never needs grease. It is completely maintenance free.
  • Felt Lined Underside: Industrial Grade felt ensures noise free operation and scratch protection when retracted!


  • Water- Resistant: The Opposing Slat design in the tonneau cover quickly channels water to side rails.  From there it quickly travels to the ABS Canister housing and then is quickly expelled! 
  • 4 Season/All Weather Security: The RollBak tonneau has superior weather resistence and can be used in all climates and conditions.  This cover is designed to outlast your truck and it can handle all the Sun, Rain, Snow, Ice, (and even hail!), or whatever mother nature throws at it.
  • Rounded Canister Design:  The canister is also rounded so that water will not pool inside of it and is bowed in the center to expel water much quicker and more effectively than other retractable tonneau covers.  This canister is made of an impact resistant rugged ABS which has better longevity and won't scratch or dent like steel canisters will.
  • Opposing Slat Design: With this design, the slats are designed to seal under each other making it impossible for water to penetrate the slats and go into the bed, as each slat has an integral rain channel under it as part of the aluminum extrusion process.  The rain channel collects any collects any water that might penetrate the top surface between the slats and channels it to the side tracks. The water then rolls into the canister and out the bottom of the truck through rubber hoses.


  • Tamper Proof Locking System: With the RollBak Tonneau Cover, there are NO visible locks or keyholes or latches!  This makes the RollBak Cover the most secure tonneau cover on the market.  Our spring loaded lock handle is located at the rear and it is located UNDERNEATH THE COVER.  When operated properly, the cover locks automatically when closed.  Then simply close and lock the tailgate and you now have an "Armored Trunk."


Bak Industries
A Note from Bak Industries:
BAK's belief is that just because a truck is used for work, that doesn't mean it should look like a work-truck. It is possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a clean look of sophistication and style.

They endeavor to produce products that are not only functional and practical, but made to match OE lines and existing accents on your specific pickup truck.

All BAK products speak for themselves in terms of quality and appearance. A tremendous amount of thought and creative styling is evident in every product manufactured by BAK Industries.

Over the years, BAK Industries has grown from strength to strength with their loyal support and commitment to their customers around the world. They endeavor to continue to better themselves with each passing year, taking a personal interest in all of their customers businesses to ensure them of the finest quality bedliners and service world wide!


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