Air Lift
Smart Air Automatic Leveling System

Smart Air Automatic Leveling System

Exclusive! SmartAir, “non-contact,” technology for automatic height control.

Old fashioned automatic level systems used a lever between the frame and the axle to determine level and ride height. The levers were hard to mount and calibrate and prone to failure. Now Air Lift solves the problem with SmartAir, an exclusive electronic system that has no contact arm! It’s quick and easy to install and has no lines at all to the cab!

The leveling system senses when the system is not level – either too low or too high – and automatically returns to the desired set ride height. Works under any road or load conditions… it simply keeps the vehicle level, no matter what!

  • Easy to install
  • Includes complete instructions
  • Pre-assembled wiring harness, electronic sensor system, and compressor
  • Two year warranty
  • **Not for use with Air Lift 1000

Choose the system best
suited for your...
Good Better Best SmartAIR™
Pick-up with any towable 25850 25854 25870 25415
Pick-up with camper 25852 25856 72000 NR
Van/SUV/CUV 25850 25854 25870 25415
Car with rear coil springs 25850 25854 25870 NR
Motor home 25852 25856 72000 NR
All others 25852 25856 72000 25430


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