CapRac Installed on Truck
close up of tie down for CapRac
Close Up of Tie Down for CapRac
Close up of CapRac
Close up of CapRac

Camper shells are great for keep your cargo dry and secure, but they greatly limit what you can haul. Piping, plywood sheets and 20ft. ladders just don’t fit. With TracRac’s breakthrough CapRac system, you get a whole new level of storage space, literally. The 2 solid overhead racks mount directly on top of your camper shell—giving you a convenient platform for strapping down oversized freight.

There’s nothing flimsy about the CapRac’s durable construction. Its beefy overhead bars are forged from premium slabs of rust-proof aluminum with powder-coated ZAMAC cast aluminum bases. Plus, the CapRac’s sleek, low-profile fit virtually eliminates wind noise.

Your CapRac bolts directly to your shell. Its swivel brackets and wedge gaskets adapt to any roof style. And, the CapRac’s dual concealed fasteners ensure a clean mount. Along with the 2 overhead racks, your CapRac comes with 4 sliding crossbar tie-downs. Covered by a 2-year warranty.

  • Easily haul ladders, lumber and other oversized cargo on top of your truck’s camper shell with the ground-breaking CapRac system.
  • Equips your shell with 2 firm overhead racks—perfect for carrying larger freight that won’t fit under your cap.
  • The CapRac’s overheads are built to last from rust-free aluminum with heavy-duty powder-coated ZAMAC cast aluminum bases.
  • Your CapRac’s low-profile design is engineered to reduce wind noise—the plague of lesser racks.
  • Mounts firmly to the top of your camper shell using dual concealed fasteners—only minimal drilling required.
  • The CapRac boasts swivel brackets and wedge gaskets for a solid fit even on curved shells.
  • Your CapRac system comes with 2 65” long overhead racks, 4 sliding crossbar tie-downs and all the necessary mounting hardware.
  • Made with pride in the USA.
  • TracRac covers your CapRac with a 2-year warranty.
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TracRac CapRac: $439.00

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