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Superwinch Winches

superwinch winches

Superwinch Wiches and Mounts

Superwinch products are winches trusted by those who are professionals and the casual weekend rider alike for everything from racing to off-roading. With their sleek, compact construction, Superwinch products are designed for fast, easy installation, whether they are installed to be portable or permanent. Superwinch winches are available in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 pounds. No matter how big or small Superwinch has the right winch for your application.

Here at, we believe that there are certain things you should know before you buy a Superwinch to ensure you purchase the right one. The general winch selection rule is to choose a winch that is rated at 1.5 times your gross vehicle weight. A 5000 lb. gross vehicle would need a minimum winch of 7,500 lbs. Also, start your pull with at least 5 wraps on the spool. Then as you reel the line back on the spool, watch that you don't wrap too much on. There is a powerful zone to look for. From 5 wraps to 2 layers of cable spooled on is your most powerful pulling zone. After you wrap more than 2 layers on the spool, the pulling power starts to go down. The most important thing to remember is safety. Always be safe with your Superwinch.

Talon Series UT Series Original X Series S Series
superwinch Talon series winches Superwinch UT series winches superwinch Original X series winches superwinch S series
The industry's best truly sealed vehicle recovery winch Powerful, versatile, and easy to use A rugged, economical, and reliable choice The most popular performance trailer winch on the market
X9 & S9000 Husky Series LP Series AC Power Winches
superwinch X9 & S9000 winches superwinch Husky series winches Superwinch LP Series winches superwinch AC Power winches
Power and features at a great price Rugged and durable for the most punishing tasks Entry level winches at an incredible value For winching applications where AC power is the only option
EP Series Winches HW Hydraulic Winches HP Hydraulic Winches Tiger Shark Series
superwinch EP Series Winches superwinch HW Hydraulic Winches superwinch HP Hydraulic Winches Tiger Shark
Speed, power, and compact design perfect for recovery applications Designed with the toughest commercial/industrial applications in mind Designed with the toughest commercial/industrial applications in mind Tiger Shark Series has features and benefits designed for the enthusiast-level consumer.
Winch In a Bag Mounting Solutions    
superwinch Winch in a Bag superwinch mounting solutions    
A convenient kit with everything you need to keep going Rugged support so you can tackle the toughest terrain    
Terra Series ATV Winches LT Series ATV Winches ATV Winch in a Bag  
superwinch Terra Series winches superwinch LT series winches superwinch Winch in a bag  
The industry’s first truly sealed ATV winch assembly Best choice for compact, quiet, all-purpose winching A convenient kit with everything you need to keep going  
ATV Mounting Solutions      
superwinch ATV mounting solutions
Rugged support so you can tackle the toughest terrain      


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