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Retractable Canvas Truck Topper

canvas truck topper

softopper truck topper softopper truck topper softopper truck topper
Softoppers are great for camping, sporting events, on the job and countless other uses. When you need the bed protected it's there, and when you need the extra head room it's gone.Softopper is fully collapsible, aluminum frame hugs your truck's bedrails, with special purpose clamps, (so no drilling is required) and the canopies form a weather-tight seal to keep the elements out. Plus.... they look great doing it.
softopper truck topper softopper truck topper softopper truck topper
When the Softopper is collapsed, you have unrestricted visibility, plus you now have room for your motorcycle, or a refrigerator or even a giraffe. You can just lean it up in the garage until you need it again Comes complete with all hardware. Optional storage bag and other accessories available (call). If you don't need the cap on full time, store it behind your seat so it's always handy... or in a closet or under a bed.
Available Softopper Colors: Black, Charcoal, & Tan
softopper available colors
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Softopper Applications Include Storage Bag? Color