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Ranch Fiberglass
Ranch Camo Tonneau Cover

Ranch Legacy Fiberglass
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Ranch Legacy Fiberglass
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See Purchasing OptionsRanch Camo Lid:

The  Ranch Camo truck lid is the latest addition to our family of quality built tonneau covers. The process for this product involves new technology that we have taken the time to perfect. This new technology does not involve a sticker, wrap, or dipping process.  It is an extremely high quality printed fiberglass process with multiple layers of UV protection. Unlike the previously mentioned processes, our clear/gel exterior offers a thick layer of protection that is able to be repaired and buffed to remove surface scratches and other typical surface damage that may occour while driving through trails and wooded areas.

Having quality products and materials is a must for our customers so with that in mind we partnered with some of the best camouflage developers around. Multiple patterns are available from great companies like Mossy Oak®, Matthews®, Muddy Water®... and more! If you have a specific pattern in mind, ask your local Ranch dealer to check availability. You can locate the closest Dealer by clicking the "Find a Ranch Dealer" link below.

  • 1200lb Tested Rotary Latches
  • Lift Assist Arms
  • Front Piano Hinge
  • Tumbler Lock
  • Tri-Cel Honeycomb Reinforced Roof
  • DuPont Automotive Paint
  • Trimless Skirted Edges
  • Wrap Over Side and Rear Edges
  • Low Profile Smooth Top
  • Ti02 Mixed Whitening Resin Solution
  • Black Powder Coated Hardware
  • Interior pull Strap
  • No Drill Installation

Ranch Camo Fiberglass
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Ranch Camo Fiberglass
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Ranch Camo Fiberglass
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Ranch Legacy Features

triple seal system piano hinge black powder coated hardware easy lift assist arms
Triple Seal System:
1. Skirted Fiberglass - Water can only enter from an upward stream 2. Wrap Seal - Seals between the fiberglass and the bed of the truck 3. “L” Style gutter Rail - It’s shape creates a gutter that prevents seeping water from reaching the truck bed.
Piano Hinge:
Durable and secure. Less likely to come out of alignment than other front hinge styles. Helps keep installation simple.
Black Powder Coated Hardware:
Looks great and prevents rust and corrosion.
Easy Lift Assist Arms:
Less resistance when opening and closing lid. Increases life of props and front hinge.
pull strap rotary latches trimless edges (skirted on some models)
Pull Strap:
Convenient strap designed for you to pull down the lid until you can reach the top of the lid to close it the rest of the way.
Rotary Latches:
Very strong latch is tested at 1200 lb. to ensure security.
Trimless Edges (Skirted on some models):
Looks similar to the edge on your truck. Skirting is designed to hide factory bed rail caps.


Note: To ensure that you receive the correct part for your vehicle please complete the checkout form in its entirety.
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