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Hypertech Power Tuning

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Power Tuning Module: $220 - $272
power tuning module With a microprocessor programmed for maximum torque and power throughout an engine's rpm range, Hypertech's Power Tuning Module optimizes the ignition spark curve, where most performance gains are obtainable from 96-97 Chevy/GMC trucks. To date no power control modules of any design are capable of reprogramming onboard vehicle electronics for optimized air/fuel ratios. Only the Hypertech Power Programmer III is capable of such changes. However, since most performance gains on these engines result from perfecting spark curves, much of the power obtainable using the Power Programmer Plus is available by using the new Hypertech PTM at a very economical price! So if you're not planning other vehicle modifications and want to provide a performance upgrade to ignition spark tuning, enjoy the solid economically-priced gains obtainable from a Hypertech Power Tuning Module!
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power tuning module

The NEW Hypertech Power Tuning Module #41042 maximizes the performance of 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engines in 2003-04 Ford trucks and SUVs and delivers the most powerful, street-legal tuning available for towing the maximum loads allowed by vehicle manufacturers! Only Hypertechís exclusive 3 Stage Tuning delivers power for safe towing, even at the highest horsepower gains. Other tuning devices may make large horsepower gains, but at these levels, are not recommended for towing. The new Power Tuning Module (PTM) comes with a factory harness that makes installation a snap. No splicing, just plug it into the ECM located in the engine compartment and locate the Power Dial in a convenient place on your dash.

The Power Dial allows you to select one of three different levels of Hypertech tuning "on the fly" so you can change power levels even while youíre driving. Each level has been developed to allow sustained operation while towing the maximum allowable gross combined weight rated (GCWR) suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. Stage 3 Tuning (+100 hp) delivers the best performance under virtually all driving conditions. Stage 2 (+80 hp) and Stage 1 (+50 hp) are calibrated for the conservative driver. And as always, the new PTM is 50-state street-legal. If you want reliable, awesome stump-pulling power, you can trust the safety of your Power Stroke to Hypertech #1 in high-performance engine tuning for computer-controlled vehicles.

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03-04 6.0 L Powerstroke Diesel In Line Module: $605.95

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