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HuskyLiner Weatherbeater

HuskyLiner Weatherbeater

HuskyLiner Weatherbeater

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners for the front, 2nd seat & cargo areas of cars, sport utility vehicles and pickups protect the carpeted areas of your vehicle from water, snow and mud. Each pair fits like a glove, clean-up easily, and are made of a patented rubberized thermo-plastic material. All HUSKY LINER products are guaranteed not to crack or break. Items are available in BLACK, Grey and TAN. Husky Liners are made to fit popular selling cars, sport utility vehicles and pickups.

  • Protection prevents stains & soiling of your carpeted areas. Increases your vehicles resale value.
  • Tough & durable patented rubberized material is resisTANt to most chemicals, including gasoline, oil & battery acid.
  • Installs easily in seconds.
  • Custom fit designed to specifically fit your vehicle.
  • Rubberized non-slippery surface minimizes cargo shifting.
  • Features "SPIN" Sta-Put-Nibs on back to help prevent shifting.
  • Front & Back floor liners included in each box.
  • Cargo Liners also available
  • Warranty guaranteed not to crack or break.
  • Available in BLACK, Grey & TAN.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are the new WeatherBeater liners made from the same material as the original Husky Floor Liners?
A. Yes, the WeatherBeaters use the same material as the original Husky Floor Liners and have the same lifetime warranty. Note that trunk liners for cars will be offered in BLACK color only as the trunk “carpeting” is normally a dark color. Cargo liners will be made in colors to match the interior of the respective vehicles.

Q. If the material is the same, what is the difference between the WeatherBeater liners and the original Husky Liners?
A. The most noticeable difference is the styling of the product. Though there are similarities in the product design through the entire WeatherBeater line (the ribs and heel pad features for insTANce) there are also styling cues that are unique to specific vehicles. For insTANce, we try and match patterns found on door sills and other areas in the cabin of vehicles and insert these into the heel pads. You will also find that in vehicles where the door side edge of the liner is exposed during entry and exit we have redesigned the edge so that stepping in and out of the vehicle while avoiding the lip is more easily done.

Q. How can a retailer tell if the part is the new WeatherBeater pattern or the diamond plate pattern?
A. There are two easy ways to distinguish patterns in most cases. The definitive way is by checking the 2009 catalog (will be out the end of February 2009) as you will find a "WB" in the column right next to the part number of every WeatherBeater part. Most times you can also tell by the part number itself. A first digit "9" will indicate that the part is a front and second seat WeatherBeater set. For example, part #98331 is a 2009 Ford F150 Super Crew front and second seat liner set in BLACK color. A first digit "1" will indicate a single unit (pair) WeatherBeater liner. For example, part #18331 is the front liner for the 2009 Ford F150 Regular Cab (driver and passenger side = pair). It will also fit the front of the 2009 F150 Super Cab and Super Crew should a customer want only the front liners. The exception to the "number" rule would be cargo liner, trunk liners and center hump liners. Cargo liners will begin with a "2" as they always have. Trunk liners will begin with a "4" and center hump liners with an "8". All new applications will be WeatherBeater pattern except in "supercede" situations.

Q. Will existing applications be converted to the WeatherBeater pattern?
A. Some current model applications will be converted. We will send out an Engineering Releases with the new part information when this happens. You can also check our website ( for information regarding new products and while there you can also download the latest version of our catalog. At this time we are working on WeatherBeater parts for the 2007-2009 Silverado/Sierra trucks. You will find these parts numbers listed in the 2009 catalog.

Q. Will the WeatherBeater parts for trucks work with the Husky Gear Boxes installed?
A. Yes, the liners are designed to accommodate the Husky Gear Box.