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Diablo Sport Power Puck - Inline Power Module

The Power Puck remaps the fuel delivery of the diesel injection pump and advances the injection-timing curve. The PowerPuck software works on changing the injection quantities an advancing the ignition curve, it will 0t alter the load pressure directly. The load pressure is increased due to the increase in fuel volume delivery. This in itself makes for an extremely reliable tuning device with one sole purpose, POWER! PowerPuck equipped vehicles will notice significant improvements in drivability, whether it is in town, where speeds constantly change, or on the highway passing slower vehicles. Power Puck increase's power through the entire RPM range, at low RPM it will yield better throttle response; and help maintain speeds on inclines or when towing. The mid-to-upper power increase is extremely useful on the highway to maneuver through heavy traffic situations.


  • Plug in 50 Horsepower
  • Does not exceed factory driveline limitations
  • Great for Towing!
  • Easy Installation!
  • No Computer Update Required!
  • Uses factory spec connectors (no slpicing)
  • "Stackable" with Diablosport programmers for even more power!
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Diablosport Extreme Power Puck
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Available For Light & Heavy Duty Trucks
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Diablo Sport Power Puck - Inline Power Module
Diablo Sport Power Puck, 98.5-00 Dodge Ram 2500/3500/4500 Diesel: $188.99

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