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Diesel Power Performance Products

Diesel Performance

Diesel Performance is now one of the hottest segments in the truck accessories market. Farmers and long haul truck drivers have known for decades that when it comes to towing and hauling, diesel power stand at the head of the class. What's more, diesel engine owners have found that diesel engines can be modified to produce even more horse power and torque and generally increase fuel efficiency through Diesel Truck Performance Products. The towing capacity of a diesel engine is nothing short of Amazing.

Check out our selection of Diesel Performance Accessories and get the diesel performance you're looking for from your diesel truck. Increase your diesel power with these top name brands such as Hypertech, Edge Products, Superchips Inc. and more.

AEM Performance Edge Diesel Products
AEM Performance AEM Brute Force

AEM Brute Force Products. Brute Force Air Intakes, Brute Force Headers, DRYFLOW Filters.
Edge Diesel Products Edge Products

Edge Diesel Performance Modules. Edge A2 Monitor, Edge juice, Edge Attitude modules.

BullyDog Diablo Sport
Bullydog Performance Bullydog

Bullydog Diesel Performance Products. Diesel Exhaust Systems, Performance Electronics and Cold Air Intakes.
Diablo Sport Diesel Performance DiabloSport

Diablo Sport Diesel Performance Products. Predator Tuner, Power Puck.

Hypertech Programmers Superchips Performance
Hypertech Programmers Hypertech

Hypertech Max Energy, Hypertech Power Performance Tunning. Hypertech Power Programmer, Hypertech PowerPac.
S Superchips

SuperChips Performance Tuning Products. Superchips Programmer, Superchips FlashPaq Superchips Cortex Programmer.

F,A.S.S. Fuel Filtration Unichip Performance Module
FASS Fuel Filtration FASS

FASS Fuel Air Separation System. Increase Horsepower, increase fuel Economy.
Unichip Performance add more power to your engine Unichip Performance Computer Modules
Works with IMPORTS!
Unichip releases power from your engine in minutes, taking advantage of what stock & aftermarket components leave behind! Unichip FLUX Display coming soon.

Magnaflow Diesel Exhaust MBRP Diesel Exhaust
Magnaflow Diesel Exhaust Magnaflow Performance

Exhaust systems for Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax Diesel.
MBRP Diesel Exhaust MBRP

MBRP Performance Diesel Exhaust systems & Smokers Truck Stack Systems

Banks Power Predator Performance
Gale Banks Power Products Banks Power

Gale Banks Power. Banks Power Exhaust Systems.
Predator Performance Predator

Predator Performance Modules. Diesel Performance Module for Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke.

K&N Performance Mag-Hytec
KandN Performance K&N

K&N Performance Air Filters and Filter Chargers. High Performance Air Filters, Fuel Injection Performance Kits.
Mag-Hytec Products Mag-Hytec

Mag-HYTEC Differential Covers and Transmission Pans.

Silverline Exhaust BD Diesel Performance
Silverline Exahust Silverline Diesel Exahust

Silverline Diesel Performance Exhaust systems. Dual exhausts, single exhausts and exhaust tips.
BD Diesel Performance BD Diesel

BD Diesel Performance Products. Turbocharger, exhaust brakes, Fuel Injectors and more.

van Aaken Diesel Performance TS Performance
van Aaken SmartBox performance tuning for diesel engines van Aaken Diesel Performance Tuning

van Aaken Diesel Performance products. Smartbox™ performance tuning modules.
TS Performance Diesel Power TS Performance

TS Performance Products. Diesel Power Modules. Diesel Chips, Propane System.

MADS Smarty Tuners Dynomax Diesel Exhaust
MADS Smarty Tuners MADS Smarty

The MADS Electronics tuning software is well known as CaTCHER software. MADS Electronics original products were EPROMs and Flash-EPROMs (or “chips”) which could be installed in place of the original.
DynoMax Diesel Exhaust DynoMax Diesel Exhaust

DynoMax Performance Exhaust has been an industry leading performance exhaust brand for over 20 years. Each and every DynoMax product is backed by engineers who know what you want and expect out of a performance exhaust product…and who exceed your expectations every time.

TITAN Fuel Tanks  
TITAN Fuel Tanks TITAN Fuel Tanks

When it comes to fuel tanks, SIZE DOES MATTER. And with a TITAN Fuel Tank, there will be no reason to stop.

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