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Bed covers, sometimes called Truck bed covers or tonneau covers are one of the most popular truck accessories on the market. Stylish and affordable bed covers give you the option of having the extra storage space of a trunk, but still the look of a sharp truck. We carry many great truck bed cover brands like Torza Top bed covers, Extang truck bed covers, Pace Edwards bed covers, New Vision truck bed covers, Fold-a-Cover, Truxedo bed covers, Access truck bed covers, Advantage bed covers, Roll-n-lock truck bed covers, Undercover tonneau covers, Bak bed covers plus many more!! If you would like to shop for a tonneau cover by style such as soft roll up, hard top, retractable, hinged or tool box style you can do that now at!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your truck bed has a spoiler (including, but not limited to the Dodge Ram Daytona Package) or tailgate spoiler (lip, flare), it is your responsibility to inquire about fitment compatibility on any/all brands of tonneau covers before you order. Please call 1-800-388-8637 with any questions.

About Truck Bed Covers

Bed covers do more than increase your truck's gas mileage. A bed cover also known as a tonneau cover will also protect your valuables and look great on your pickup truck. Roll-up Tonnos, Soft Top, Hard Top Tonneaus, Tilt, Folding, Tool Box Tonneaus, and Motorized Retractable Tonneaus. Fiberglass, metal and faux-leather tonneau covers. All of the tonneau covers at are custom designed for your specific pickup truck.

Putting a tonneau cover on your truck is one of the best upgrades you can add to your pickup. The tonneau cover will create a more aerodynamic profile and improve your fuel economy. Tools, gear, luggage or anything else you lock under a tonneau cover is less likely to “walk off”. And, anything you put in a tonneau-covered bed is sheltered from the elements. With fiberglass, metal and leatherette vinyl options, there’s a great looking tonneau cover that’s just your style. Most of our tonneau covers take just minutes to install. carries Truck Bed Covers for virtually all Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota trucks and even more specialized trucks like the Hummer, Avalanche, Escalade and Honda Ridgeline.

Bed Covers Styles
  • Hard Top Tonneau Covers - Hard tonneau covers offer the best in secure bed coverage, smooth looks and complete durability. Undercover is our most popular hard top cover.
  • Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers - Soft roll-up tonneau covers feature the most convenient bed coverage. They’re the easiest tonneau covers to install, too. The Extang Black Max is our most popular soft roll up cover.
  • Hinged Tonneau Covers - Hinged tonneau covers turn your truck bed into a fully-functional trunk. These tonneau covers mount fast and latch in an instant. Check out the Lund Genesis hinged, Extang Full tilt, Undercover hinged tonneau cover options.
  • Retractable Tonneau Covers - Retractable tonneau covers are like a rugged garage door for your truck bed. They’re the most high-tech of the tonneau covers. Check out Pace Edwards, Fold-A-Cover and BAK for retractable tonneau cover options.,
  • Tool Box Tonneau Covers - Tool box tonneau covers secure whatever you need to carry to do the job. Some tool box tonneau covers include the box, too. Check out the Extang tool box, Access tool box edition and the TruXedo Plus tool box tonneau cover options.